Mr. Bohn talks about Metal

METAL MANIA. After speaking to Eric Bohn about metal he shared some interesting metal facts with me. Bohn said ¨I still have all of my concert ticket stubs, and I still have quite a few vinyl albums.¨ When asked what fun fact he wanted others to know. Bohn continued on to say that he could talk all day about music. PHOTO BY ERIC BOHN.

Article by Ash Seghezzi

Metal music is a genre that was created in the late 60s and rose to popularity in the 70s. There are a few key components of this genre that make it it’s own and unique. Some unique metal components include extremely twisted guitar riffs, aggressive, rough vocals and energetic drumming. These key components can be traced back to blues music written in the 1950s with harsher tones. One of the songs that exemplified this was ¨You Really Got Me¨ by The Kinks in 1964. When listening to this song right off the bat you can hear the distorted guitar chords play throughout the entire song. 

I got the chance to interview math teacher Eric Bohn and he shared his experiences about metal and how the genre has impacted him over the years. He described the genre as “screaming guitars, screaming vocals,” but went on to say that it’s more than just that and it didn’t always have to be that way. Bohn went on to share that his eyes opened up to metal after being invited to a concert to go see Girlschool, Iron Maiden and Scorpions with friends of his family. 

When asked how he would describe metal to someone who hasn’t ever heard of it he said, ¨There are so many sub-genres of metal now, and crossover with other genres it’s more difficult than ever to define,¨ replied Bohn. He went on to say that he finds himself drawn back to metal most often and commented about how he is always able to find something to match the mood he’s in or the energy he is feeling. 

Bohn went on to share some amazing concert experiences in which he said, ¨I remember being at a sold-out Iron Maiden show probably about 10 years ago or so and I remember being struck when I noticed that everyone had been on their feet the entire show and singing and screaming along the entire time.¨ He then commented after that it was incredibly powerful in a very positive way. 

After hearing all his amazing stories, I asked what he would recommend to someone who hasn’t ever listened to metal before. He went on to explain that there are many bands to choose from and would want someone’s opinion first before showing them more music. He went on to tell me about some of the bands that he listens to. “I still like and listen to my classic metal bands from earlier years like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Accept, Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest,” he said.   

Bohn explained that he sometimes gets lost looking into sub genres because he enjoys hearing new music. For band recommendations, some basic ones that were mentioned were things like the big four which consist of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Some other bands mentioned were Iron Maiden and Scorpions. As always try something new, check out a band or two, and see what you enjoy, happy listening!

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