Healthy snacks for school days

Article and graphic by Zoe Kowalczyk

Finding healthy, inexpensive snacks and food to bring to school is easier than you might think. While school lunch is always an option, switching up your everyday school lunch with something from home may bring the right amount of change into your regular school day.   

Around campus, students have already taken to bringing their own snacks and food from home, mixing up healthy favorites with other healthy items in their home. Sophomore Gaby Valverde says her healthy go-to snack is, “really any kind of fruit. Some of my favorites are green grapes, pineapple, strawberries and melon.” While she loves eating the fruit on it’s own, Valverde goes on to say, “UsuallyI mix these fruits with yogurt and granola making it into a fruit parfait.” Both yogurt and granola contain different types of proteins and fibers, mixed in with fruits, your lunch can become more balanced and filling. Valverde isn’t the only student who loves eating fruit for lunch. Sophomore Ana Arcilla, said she enjoys, “…carrots sometimes fresh greens or fruits,” with her lunch. 

If you’re in need of fruits that will last a long time, there’s a variety to choose from. Apples and blueberries can last up to weeks at a time and can be used in a multitude of ways, such as baking them into muffins or making them into a jam. Pineapple can also be made into jam, or fold it into a homemade parfait made with the addition of yogurt and granola. Some vegetables that last long include carrots and cabbage, which can easily be a part of a homemade salad. Sweet potatoes are also a long lasting vegetable as well as sweet potato chips, along with other on-the-go snacks like veggie-sticks, are a great alternative to normal chips if you don’t have time to make something at home yourself. With pizza being available at school for lunch most days, making your own using a bagel, some cheese and your choice of sauce is always an option as well. 

If you’re looking for healthier lunch options, try finding recipes that not only fit your budget, but sound appetizing as well. Whether you decide to try making a homemade pizza bagel or to create your own fruit parfait, making an inexpensive, healthy snack to bring for lunch could be just what you need to finish the day on a positive note.

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