Euphoria season 2 comes out

EUPHORIA SEASON TWO:  The much anticipated second season of teen drama show, Euphoria is back. The show has received incredible reviews and is getting lots of attention in the media. Many students here at SRHS are watching. Photo copyright TCD/Prod.DB / Alamy Stock Photo.

Article by Grace Payne

The highly anticipated teen drama, Euphoria, is back! After what felt like a perpetual two year hiatus, the series die-hard fans of our generation are finally able to experience the second season. Episodes are released weekly, leaving viewers in suspense. Although the show depicts excessive drug use, unhealthy relationships and countless other inappropriate scenes, it has received excellent reviews across the board. Euphoria might not be everyone’s taste, but writer and director Sam Levinson does a great job of capturing his audience.

Euphoria is about teens and popular among teens. Many people are saying that the show is the first show to truly illustrate Gen Z culture. The show offers a wide variety of characters that viewers can relate to. Euphoria tackles big issues in teen culture while still alluring the audience. Director Levinson uses a variety of tactics like colorful lighting, single prime lens, trippy visuals and so much more. Along with the unique cinematography the show has a star studded cast including Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Dominic Fike and Maude Apatow. 

Episode one of the new season has left viewers shocked and intrigued. The show picks up running as it introduces Fezco’s Grandmother, a drug dealer, who raises Fez due to his abusive father. While it is made clear that Fez’s Grandma wasn’t a good influence, she taught Fez everything he needed to know to one day take her job. Fast Forward to today, Fez and his little brother Ashtray run a drug dealing business that fronts as a convenient store.

The episode mainly takes place at a house party set in the Los Angeles suburbs. By far the most tense scene was when Cassie, best friend of Maddie, is lured into having relations with Maddie’s ex-boyfriend at the house party they were all at. As Hollywood fate would have it, Maddie just so happened to need to use the bathroom they were in. This leaves Maddie pounding on the door, for what seems like forever, while Nate and Cassie frantically scrabble to figure something out. During this scene Levison creates a horror movie-like feel with the contrast of Maddie trying to get in and Cassie trying to escape. The situation ends with Cassie lying in the bathtub hiding, unnoticed by Maddie. Although Cassie was safe the episode left the audience feeling outraged with betrayal. Overall the first episode was a success.

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