DIY chocolates for Valentine’s Day

BUILDING WITH CHOCOLATE: Pictured are some of the chocolates that you could make for your sweetheart. When sophomore Kaelyn Schmidt was asked what makes chocolate, chocolate for her, she said, “chocolate for me is a delicious and sweet treat I’ve always been able to love and go back to.”

Article and photo by Mason Gaspar

In 1847 the world was introduced to the chocolate bar. Being one of the most desired sweets of all time, at one point or another everyone has had chocolate and they know it’s delicious properties. Although, wouldn’t it be more delicious and convenient if people could make their own? It’s not as hard as most may think, any person can do it with a little patience. 

First, you’ll need to put 1 ½ cups of cocoa butter in a small pot, then turn the stove on. Then, set the temperature on the lowest setting. If during the process you turn the temperature up it could burn the chocolate, this is very important to do this part right. Next, get 1 cup of powdered sugar and a 1 cup of cocoa powder into one bowl and mix with a whisk thoroughly. Then, take your golden powder and put it through a fine mesh twice, to get out of all the blobs. Although sometimes it may take more than two times. You may have to do it three or four times even, all depending on how many blobs you have.  

1 cup cocoa powder 

1 cup powdered sugar 

1 ½ cup cocoa butter 

After, slowly add your fine powder to the cocoa butter, keep stirring and adding the powder until all mixed together in a beautiful rich dark chocolate color. Pour your liquid goodness into any molds of your choice. A tip for pouring the liquid more precisely: first pour it into a bottle with a fostering tip or nozzle. Let sit for at least twenty-four hours for the best results. If you don’t want to do all the effort of making it from scratch, you can take your favorite type of candy, melt it down on low heat and then just pour it into a mold of your choosing. You could even get creative with it, for example Oreo, Hershey or peppermint kisses. Hopefully you’re able to make your own unique chocolates.  

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