Math teacher and AP coordinator Mrs. Costanzo returns to Campus

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Mrs. Costanzo is pictured with her beautiful family celebrating the holidays. Her newborn baby Gianna, (left) and her two year old son Dominic (right), and her husband (farthest right) share great memories with their beautiful family. Photo provided by Lara Costanzo

Article by Jasmine Alvarez

We may all know Mrs. Costanzo as a math teacher and the director of AP testing at Santa Rosa High School. Costanzo has been teaching at SRHS for the last 17 years and continues to teach math in a happy, fun environment. Costanzo also attended SRHS when she was a teenager.  Costanzo has two children, Gianna who is nine months and Dominic who is three years old. Costanzo has been out for the last semester because she had her baby girl named Gianna.

I asked Costanzo how she feels about being back in school. She said, “I have very mixed feelings about being back. It was seriously heartbreaking to leave my children even though I know they are in very good hands but in a lot of ways I’ve already realized that I appreciate the time I have with them more because there is so much less of it. I also feel a sense of duty, especially in these times, to contribute to our school and utilize my experience to help students overcome the crazy obstacles that they have faced over the last few years. It’s also nice to be able to have conversations with teenagers instead of a three-year-old!”

When asked what made her nervous for this upcoming year, Costanzo said “I am most nervous about being able to manage my time and be able to be as good as I possibly can in both my work and home life. I am already finding that I am checking my work email too much when I am home playing with my children during the few hours I have with them and also that I am sometimes distracted and thinking about my children when I am at work. I also know that having time for anything else besides work and my kids is very unlikely, but that is just the way things are I think when you are working full-time with small children at home. So far I am managing to stay on top of the grading but I have no idea what I’m going to do when I have 150 tests to grade!”

I spoke to Costanzo about information on AP testing due to covid. She said “ The biggest difficulty with AP testing is that things have changed multiple times over the last few years. It just so happened that the college board had transitioned to an online system two years ago and we were just getting used to that new ordering system when Covid happened and all of the policies changed. My goal over the next few years with AP testing is to work with teachers and counselors to try to encourage more students to attempt AP level coursework and exams. I would really like to see a more diverse group of students enrolled in our AP classes and being successful on our AP exams and I think we can get there with the right support and encouragement.” We thank Mrs. Costanzo for all of her hard work and dedication she has, and continues to put into SRHS. 

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