movie let-downs of 2021

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Article by Caycie Clayton

The crunch of popcorn, slurp of a coke, hushed whisper of an anticipatory viewer, the all encompassing screen: the movies. Whether going to the theater with friends or turning a living room into a theater with family, seeing a new movie is consistently exciting. It is for this elated anticipation of viewing a new movie, that when the movie falls short, it is especially disappointing. Stated below is a review of movie let downs from 2021.

Black Widow arrived in theaters late June, finally explaining the backstory of one of marvel’s most beloved characters. Natasha Romanoff’s long awaited backstory was released after her death in Avengers: Endgame, hoping to satisfy fans wanting to see more of one of their favorite superheroes; yet satisfy, this movie did anything but. 

Featuring little of her backstory, Black Widow centered around back to back high-tech action scenes and contrived banter. At times, this movie felt more like marvel just waiting to show off their technology than paint a story. Additionally, in an attempt to portray Natasha’s family, Black Window included a scene consisting of a family dinner. However, the dialogue felt scripted and lacked authenticity; the scene was full of overdone jokes and oversimplified arguments. It was simply another fast-paced entertainment piece. While watching Black Widow, it was quite apparent this movie was a tactic for Disney to get more money.

Another movie failure was Chaos Walking, directed by Doug Liman. The premise of this movie was unique, yet it fell flat. The characters Tod Hewitt (Tom Holland) and Viola (Daisy Ridley) were intriguing and easily lovable, yet even Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley weren’t enough to make this movie engaging. 

The main concept of the story was that all of men’s thoughts were on display for all to see and hear. Though I could see this idea working well in the book, it was often unbelievable in the movie. For example, one of the driving plot points in Chaos Walking was the myriad of secrets Tod’s home town was hiding, yet I fail to understand how every town member was able to avoid thinking about those secrets in Tod’s presence- how can a town be full of secrets if the inhabitants lack the ability to hide their thoughts?

Furthermore, there were numerous pointless killings in this movie. There was the death of dogs, horses, fathers and boyfriends. These deaths didn’t add to or develop the plot in any way shape or form. 

The ending of this movie was, additionally, unsatisfying. It felt abrupt and rushed. Full of plot holes, pointless killings and an unsatisfying ending, I easily place Chaos Walking amongst movie fails for 2021. 

Although many outstanding movies were released this year, there were numerous that were disappointing as well. 

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