To ceramics students’ delight, Ms. Giffen is back

Christine Giffen stands in front of the art pieces from over the years in her classroom. “I love teaching Ceramics. It is such a fun class! I have really missed the creative process of making art and working with students on their projects.” Giffen is also looking forward to finishing her year on a positive note.

Article and photo By Anthony Flores Cruz

As many ceramic students know, Santa Rosa High School’s only ceramics teacher, Christine Giffen, wasn’t at school during the duration of the first semester. The ceramics students have had many substitutes during that time. Giffen herself wasn’t able to teach because she was carrying her second child.

She returned to school after the first semester to finish out the year and has been very excited, but a little nervous as well. When discussing her return, Giffen said, “I’m just really happy to be back in the classroom and making art with my students. I’ve definitely missed it.”

When asked what new things she had noticed about the school and the ways that they are handling the ongoing pandemic, Giffen said, “there are many new staff members, so I have a lot of new people to meet. There are also a lot of new protocols in place to keep everyone safe, so I am getting used to all of that as well.” Everyone has been affected by the pandemic this year and as a student it is very interesting to know how the teachers are doing as well.

The new precautions against the pandemic is everyone’s responsibility to follow, “My students seem to be following the protocols and have been really respectful when reminded about their masks.” Although Giffen personally believes that being able to provide teachers with covid test kits may be helpful to keeping everyone safe during this pandemic.

Overall, Giffen has been very excited to have come back this school year. She expressed the love of her class and talked about how she had missed teaching the class. “I have really missed the creative process of making art, and working with students on their projects. I’m really looking forward to finishing up the school year on a positive note.” Some ceramic students have definitely missed having a proper teacher and I believe Giffen is just the teacher they needed.

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