COVID-19 a challenge for SRHS basketball teams

The girl’s basketball team poses for the camera after an impressive win. While their season has had its ups and downs on and off the court, they continue to compete as one. Photo by Maddie Sanabria

Article by Jaeden Callender

Basketball is one of the most popular sports across America, so it’s no surprise how important it is to SRHS students. After things began opening up with the expectation that COVID-19 was nearly done, the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams of SRHS were granted the authority to schedule games, practices and to have unlimited spectators and a snack bar in the gym. However, all of these freedoms might have been a little preemptive.

As we all know, new variants of COVID have been discovered, namely the highly transmissible Omicron, creating a feeling of uncertainty resulting in many new changes to existing safety precautions. Without a doubt, safety should always come first, so it comes as no surprise that unfortunately schools, at least in Sonoma County, have received instruction to not allow people, who are not directly involved with the sport, into gyms during games. This sadly means no spectators, even during the highly anticipated Monty game. 

During the first two weeks of January, multiple players on the boys’ and girls’ basketball team unfortunately tested positive for COVID, putting the season on hold until it was once again safe to resume. Sophomore Sydney Duncan says, “Our team plans on moving forward by taking extra precautions and making sure we are all safe. As a program we get tested weekly to insure that safety. We all want to have the best season possible and being able to be in the gym and playing is what keeps us motivated to take those precautions.”

Regarding the girls’ junior varsity basketball team, after receiving news of players testing positive for COVID, they were expected to resume practices on January 10th, however, the return date was once pushed back again when another player tested positive. 

The boys’ varsity team the past two weeks have also struggled with the pandemic, having to cancel multiple games and practices. The team tests at least once a week and due to the fact that accurate results do not come instantly, it is likely that COVID quickly spreads throughout the team during the waiting period. 

With the new change to safety precautions, no spectators will be allowed inside the gym resulting in likely dry or possibly nonexistent senior nights. Although crowds will no longer be allowed, players are still grateful for the opportunity to compete against other teams, and once again, safety comes first.

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