SRHS Varsity Boys Soccer Face Off Against Windsor

SRHS BOYS SOCCER FACES FORMIDABLE FOES. The Santa Rosa High School boy’s varsity team gathers on the field after their January 6 game against Windsor High School. Reflecting on his team’s performance, senior Alex Manning said, “towards the middle of the second half, we started going downhill a little bit. I think we lost focus, and they, unfortunately, ended up scoring four on us.” The final score was 6-2, Windsor.

Article and Photo by Molly Murphey

As the Santa Rosa High School boys varsity soccer team warmed up for their game against Windsor on Thursday, January 6th, the referees could be heard remarking on the convenient lack of rain.

Windsor scored its first goal two minutes into the game and followed it up with another before Santa Rosa scored a goal for the home team. The Santa Rosa High School goalie, Victor Valvarde, and defense kept the score at 2-1 into the second half. 

At halftime, I talked to a group of spectators, including SRHS freshman Jonas Petree and sophomore Saith Rodriguez, both soccer players. Both they, and the others in their group, said that they try to attend every game.

Petree, who is on the SRHS JV boys soccer team, said that for them, the season is “going pretty good besides a few games, but we are improving with each and every game.”

When asked how he thought the season was going for the varsity team, Rodriguez said it was “rough.” He attributed some of the challenges to a rule that prevents student athletes from playing on school and club (community organized) soccer teams simultaneously.

This rule, California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) rule 600, reads, “a student on a high school team becomes ineligible if the student competes in a contest on an ‘outside’ team, in the same sport, during the student’s high school season of sport.” 

Rodriguez says that missing out on high school soccer “sucks because you want to experience high school because it’s a one-time thing, it’s only for four years.”

A goal from SRHS’s German Martinez tied the score at 2-2 early in the second half, but in the last quarter of the game, Windsor scored 4 goals. The final score was 6-2, Windsor.

When asked what the team would work on going forward, senior Alex Manning said, “We’ve been trying to work on our shape a lot and kind of like our organization which I think was pretty solid tonight but maybe a little bit more individual skill and ability.” 

He and teammate, freshman Manny Vargas, agreed that the rule banning students from playing both club and school soccer hurt the team’s success. “We would have a better team if they could play,” said Vargas. Both of these players’ club teams ended their seasons early so that their players could play for their schools.

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