Staff Spotlight: Mr. Garcia-Sanchez

NEW SCHOOL YEAR, SAME TRADITIONS. As students leave his class, Spanish teacher, Michael Garcia Sanchez tells his daily joke. Some good and most bad, the daily joke or “meme” as he calls it, is part of the daily routine at the end of the class. This routine began last year, as Garcia-Sachez would show it to his zoom class, and he’s carried on the tradition in person.

Article and photo by Andreas Petersen

This year there are a lot of new people on Santa Rosa High School’s staff and one of them is a Spanish teacher, Michael Garcia-Sanchez. He’s been a teacher for ten years and is excited to start a new chapter at Santa Rosa High School. 

Originally not planning to be a teacher,. his teaching journey began in Madrid, Spain. Garcia-Sanchez taught abroad as a teacher’s aid, and later started teaching English at summer camps and at work offices, as people believed that being bilingual in English and Spanish would give them an advantage. From that experience with kids abroad he learned that he loved teaching and wanted to continue doing it.

He returned to America after two years, and he got his teaching credentials in social science; then he later became an English teacher. After being an English teacher for four years he became a Spanish teacher and he’s been teaching Spanish ever since. 

Garcia-Sanhez doesn’t plan on changing the subject he’s teaching, as teaching Spanish is the only way he can keep Spanish in his life. For him, “it was really a great experience learning about other [Spanish-speaking] cultures” and he believes “being bilingual is very enriching to your life.”  He enjoys teaching students Spanish, as he is able to help them to open doors they never thought possible because of their knowledge of Spanish.

During his free time, Garcia-Sanchez’s main hobby is playing guitar. He has been playing for 23 years, since he was 12 years old, and as a result he’s become a very good guitarist. However, he hopes to up his game as he believes that he’s gotten to a certain point that he’s good at the skills, but he wants to know more about the guitar, not only know how to play it. Due to the pandemic, he had a lot of time to learn about how to build and fix guitars, as it allowed him to progress his guitar skills.  

Garcia-Sanhez has been married for two years, and is excited to teach his first year at Santa Rosa High School. He can’t wait to start his new chapter of his life at Santa Rosa High School, and wants the students of SRHS to know “that community is key ” and that he is excited to teach them Spanish.

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