Student Spotlight: Coco McKamey

Tee Time. Junior Coco Mckamey practices her golf swing. Mckamey is a multi-sport athlete at SRHS and is a member of the girls golf team. When asked what one of her favorite things about golf was, Mckamey said “I love the team dynamic.” Mckamey also said she likes how “relaxed” golf is compared to other sports.

Article and Photo by Grace Payne

Sports are a big deal at Santa Rosa High and junior; Coco McKamey has contributed to Santa Rosa High in many ways. Mckamey said “What makes me a unique student is that I participate in many sports…I run track and field, I am one of the captains for sprinting… I also play golf.”

Being on a team is a big responsibility, especially being a captain. Mckamey also said that “hurdles are my specialty.” When asked about golf she said “I love the team dynamic.” According to Mckamey golf is a relaxing laid back sport compared to other sports.  Although she’s not a professional golfer, Mckamey enjoys her time on the team immensely.

Aside from being an athlete, Mackamey also speaks two languages, English and Japanese. When asked about being bilingual McKamey said “It’s pretty cool.” Speaking a language other than English has its advantages, especially when traveling. Mckamey has traveled to Japan frequently, even spending months at a time there. Mckamey went to school in Japan for part of middle school and freshman year. 

“I met a lot of cool people and had many interesting experiences, ” said Mckamey. She remarked that it’s interesting to be immersed in a culture that’s different from her own. Traveling is a passion of Mckameys, and this Winter she is going to Costa Rica. In Costa Rica she plans on seeing the beautiful nature, going to the beach and soaking up the culture. At Santa Rosa High Mckamey is learning Spanish, so this trip will be an opportunity for her to practice.

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