Student Spotlight: Gaby Valverde

Gaby Valverde (right), stands next to Student Advisor, Zach Ross (left). Valverde said, “I love being involved in SRHS activities and I love doing those activities with my friends.” Valverde is always making new connections with the students and staff around the campus. She always strives to make the school a positive place. 

Article and photo by Zoe Kowalcyzk

There are many students at Santa Rosa High School who should be featured due to the fact that they often participate in the community or around the school. There are also a lot of students who are involved in extracurricular activities such as sports or clubs around school. One of these students is Sophomore, Gaby Valverde. Valverde is not only a member of the student government, but also a part of the JV/Freshman girls basketball team as well. 

The new season of girls basketball has brought a lot of new girls who want to join the team as well as returning girls who want to continue basketball for their second year in high school. Valverde is returning for her second season of basketball while simultaneously managing school and homework. “I usually try and take time to focus on homework in small parts. I’ll do a part of homework maybe, before practice and then go to practice, then complete the rest of the homework after,” she said. “With the new coach and a lot of new girls on the team, I feel like leading this new group is very fun and very exciting.” 

Along with basketball, Valverde is a part of the student government. Being a sophomore in student government while participating in a sport and managing school, is something that Valverde makes look easy. When asked if she feels a lot of pressure from being in student government, she affirms, “I do feel pressure, for sure, but I would say I feel a lot of support as well from the students and stuff.” Student government helps with a lot of school spirit and events as well, which she says is her favorite part. “I love helping Ms. Pheil set up the spirit drive-throughs and spirit days and weeks and everything.” 

Sophomore Valverde seems like she’s doing it all. From student government to basketball to managing school, Valverde works hard to do her best in fulfilling her responsibilities in those activities. In everything Valverde takes part in, she always makes an effort to put her best foot forward. 

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