Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Burke

SUPERMOM. English teacher Lila Burke loves her family. Pictured with her are her daughters Hailey and Bailey, ages one and three, and her newlywed husband. Burke is now living her dream, with her daughters and their two puppies. We thank Mrs. Burke for her amazing teaching here at Santa Rosa High, and we wish her the best with her new, young, beautiful family. Photo provided by Lila Burke.

Article by Jasmine Alvarez

Marvelous English teacher, Lila Burke, has now been working at SRHS for the last 6 years and continues to teach with her best foot forward. 

I asked Burke about the perks and the difficulties of her job. She said “My favorite part of being a teacher is most definitely the kids. I also love it when lessons work even better than I had imagined, and kids are extra successful. My least favorite part is the frequent feeling of wishing I had more time to do the many necessary things that are associated with working as a teacher and being a full-time mom. It’s a sometimes challenging balance that has been amplified by concerns related to the global pandemic that has been our recent backdrop.”

I then asked Burke what her thoughts and feelings were during the pandemic teaching English on Zoom, she said, “Life during the pandemic has been difficult for everyone for different reasons, but teaching online had its perks. Being home with my young children was a gift, and I developed a new unit that centered around being our best selves and personal growth. Had I not recognized the need of so many struggling individuals, I never would have otherwise developed that unit that I now plan to incorporate yearly.  Overall, distance learning had many challenges—I absolutely dislike Zoom meetings, I missed the genuine connections with kids, and the innate joys of being a teacher were something that drifted away amid Covid-19 concerns—but being home with my children meant everything to me.” said Burke.

Burke concluded her interview with details of her new life and the celebration of her newlywed husband. “In late May I married my partner of five years in an intimate wedding that took place in his mom’s backyard in Sebastopol.  Our children, ages one and three, were in our wedding, and the SRHS floral department beautified the ambiance by creating an abundance of beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets.” We thank Burke for her efforts in school and we admire her beautiful family. 

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