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Opinion: the booster is worth it

Article and graphic by Yasmine Sarraf Empty seats. Canceled events. Stacks of take-home tests. All of us at Santa Rosa High School have seen the impact of COVID-19 on our community. If there was something you could do to aid in the fight against the virus, wouldn’t you do it? Get vaccinated. Get the booster shot. “I got the booster because I want to protect myself, my family and really everyone I come in contact with from getting/dying from COVID. I think getting the booster is a vital part of helping reduce the number of

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Latest ‘Scream’ movie disappoints with mediocre acting and reused plots

Scream, one of the most popular recent horror movie releases, is being shown in downtown Santa Rosa at the Roxy 14 theater. Roxy 14 is one of the most popular theaters due to its spacious showing rooms as well as the relaxing reclining seats. Article and photo by Jaeden Callender Twenty-five years following the original classic, Scream slashed its way through theaters with renewed fervor after a long-awaited fifth film in the franchise made headlines. Boasting a new cast along with the return of some legacy characters, the

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Mr. Seder joins SRHS social sciences department at the semester

Get ready Panthers for a whole new teacher! Mr. Seder, the newest edition to the SRHS teaching staff, poses for the camera. Having been teaching at this school since the beginning of this semester, he has truly cemented himself as a strong willed character that has a good passion for what he teaches. Article and photo by Jerral Agbayani Everyone would have thought Mr. Brennan, the only government teacher at Santa Rosa High School, had all of the weight on him, but things have changed as the spring semester brought us a new

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Tick, Tick… Boom! pays tribute to talented playwright

Article and graphic by Rubi Melo Many people are raving over the new Netflix original movie, Tick, Tick… Boom!. It has become very popular on social media, particularly Tik Tok, as I have seen countless clips of scenes and heard songs from the movie many times on my for you page. The movie is a remake of playwright and composer Jonathan Larson’s semi autobiographical rock musical Tick, Tick… Boom!

While some people may have heard the songs from the new movie and instantly recognized them from Larson’s musical,

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COVID-19 a challenge for SRHS basketball teams

The girl’s basketball team poses for the camera after an impressive win. While their season has had its ups and downs on and off the court, they continue to compete as one. Photo by Maddie Sanabria Article by Jaeden Callender Basketball is one of the most popular sports across America, so it’s no surprise how important it is to SRHS students. After things began opening up with the expectation that COVID-19 was nearly done, the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams of SRHS were granted the authority to schedule games, practices

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Omicron variant prompts updates to COVID-19 protocol

Photo and article by Andreas Petersen As new strands of COVID-19 appear arounds the world, fear increases causing COVID protocols to change. From the first strand of COVID-19 to the multiple newstrands, here are the most recent protocols from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

With all the information the

CDC currently knows about COVID-19 and its variants, the CDC has shortened the recommended time for isolation for the public. In keeping with the CDC new protocols, people with COVID-19

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Untangling COVID-19 guidelines

Article and graphic by Julia Sanabria The coronavirus has been weighing heavily on everyone’s minds for over two years now. The CDC has a set of guidelines to keep us all safe which changes to fit our nation’s needs. Along with these guidelines, Sonoma County has their own set of rules to keep us healthy as well. Although these guidelines may differ, they all have the same goal: to keep people safe.  According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, due to the information currently known about the recent

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SRHS Varsity Boys Soccer Face Off Against Windsor

SRHS BOYS SOCCER FACES FORMIDABLE FOES. The Santa Rosa High School boy’s varsity team gathers on the field after their January 6 game against Windsor High School. Reflecting on his team's performance, senior Alex Manning said, "towards the middle of the second half, we started going downhill a little bit. I think we lost focus, and they, unfortunately, ended up scoring four on us." The final score was 6-2, Windsor. Article and Photo by Molly Murphey As the Santa Rosa High School boys varsity soccer team warmed up for their

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SRHS Debate Club nears the end of its season

Photo and Article by Robert Merrick Across Santa Rosa High School’s impressive catalog of engaging and enjoyable clubs, the debate club is one of the best, and most accomplished. The club was started in true force by coach Miranda Olzman with Casey Elsa as the advisor and Ms. Petersen, a parent who urged the club to become more competitive. In the early 2000s Petersen approached Elsa for her to take over as the club’s supervisor, in an effort to turn the club - into a team. The club’s former advisor, Andrew Brennan, had the

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Staff Spotlight: Mr. Vogt

SILVER LININGS. Teacher Nightsnow Vogt poses at his desk in his classroom at SRHS. He’s been working as a history teacher for six years and described what he went through during the pandemic. He had a very touching reason why he liked it. “From a more personal angle, as a father, my daughter was born at the start of the pandemic, and because I was home, I was able to see more of her than I would normally.” Article and photo by Ben Sorkin Nightsnow Vogt is a history teacher at Santa Rosa High School, and this year he is

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