Make these handmade gifts this holiday season

HANDMADE WITH LOVE. This lego keychain holder is just one of the easy handmade gifts you could give to your loved ones this year.

Article and photo by Betzie Hernandez

Christmas, a time of giving and receiving. Anyone who has bought gifts during this time knows that with great presents comes a greater price, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today there are a lot of other ways to give a present without spending much money. One of the ways is DIY gifts. From making your own cards to making a snowglobe, there’s a huge variety of DIYs for the holiday season. After a deep Pinterest search, here are a few DIY gift ideas for this holiday season. 

Most grandparents are relatively easy to buy gifts for. Most of them would be happy with anything you get them. One of the ideas I found is making a snowglobe with a picture inside. If I were to do this I would put in a picture of me and my grandparents, but you can put any photo you want. It could be of you, family members, pets, any photo you want. The materials you will need are a clean glass jar with a tight, screw-on lid, a laminated photo (self-laminating sheets work well), mini seasonal décor items (plastic works best so they don’t rot in the water eventually and so the colors don’t bleed), glitter, glycerin, glue (like white drying, waterproof Gorilla Glue) and distilled water. For further directions, you could go on Youtube, search it up on Google or simply just wing it from here. Either way, your grandparents will appreciate your hard work. 

Parents are a little harder to buy something for than grandparents. For mom, you can make a photo album, treat basket, get her a blanket, etc. For dad, you can make treats, wood coasters, slippers and more. It all depends on what they like. A joint gift could be a lego key holder or some customized kitchen utensils. A personal favorite is the lego key holder. What you need for this DIY is…you guessed it, legos! As you can see in the picture it is a simple gift, but very useful. 

Making presents for your siblings can vary based on multiple factors. For younger siblings, you might make them hot chocolate bombs or some other holiday treat. To make the hot chocolate bombs you will need a good quality chocolate bar, Lindt semi-sweet chocolate is a good option. A food thermometer is highly recommended to keep track of the temperature of your chocolate. You can buy them at the grocery store in the kitchen supplies aisle. A silicone sphere mold to make your bombs. This mold is the easiest to use if you’re not familiar with tempering chocolate. A bench scraper if you are using an acrylic mold; you don’t need one for silicone molds. You will need a paintbrush to apply the chocolate to the silicone molds. If you’re using an acrylic mold you won’t need one. The rest of the materials include a piping bag, parchment paper, hot chocolate mix of your choice, mini marshmallows and sprinkles. There are multiple recipes online that you can follow. For older siblings or siblings of the same age, some ideas include jewelry, bath bombs or glitter cups.

These ideas were specified for family members, but can be given to teachers, friends, co-workers and others. What’s great about these gifts is that they’re cute, affordable and give you the satisfaction of making something. The person receiving it is sure to feel special knowing you took the time to make something yourself instead of buying something already made. 

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