Give back this holiday season

GET OUT THERE AND GIVE BACK. The Redwood Empire food bins are an excellent way to contribute a little at school. People in the community may not have direct access to good food, and the drive is a great way to get people food for the holidays. “That’s why it is good to get those donations because they help lots of people,” said Amanda Stephens, Registrar. You can find these bins around campus, mainly at the front of the Main Building.

Article and photo by Ben Sorkin

This holiday season, in the spirit of giving and helping, think about volunteering or donating to one of these local organizations to help make people’s holiday season just a little better. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, it is also a boost to your resume if you decide to volunteer.

One way to help is if you have some extra canned food around the house that you are not using. You could put some of the canned food into one of the Redwood Food Bank barrels you can find around campus. This food will be given to those in need of a nice hearty meal this holiday season and it’s a good way to make sure nothing goes to waste. “I think [the food bins] are great! They help our more disadvantaged students get what they need without feeling bad for asking. That’s why it is good to get those donations because they help lots of people,” said Amanda Stephens.

An excellent place to volunteer and give to those less fortunate is through the Redwood Gospel Mission, which is located at the corner of 7th and Wilson in Railroad Square. You can volunteer in the kitchen and serve food to people in need who stay at the mission. These people are looking to get away from the cold and have a nice hot meal and a place to sleep. By volunteering you can help make their days better and feel very good about yourself for doing a good deed.

Amnesty International is an amazing organization dedicated to freeing people from oppressive governments and making sure every person has human rights. They do work all over the world, trying to help those who need it, and provide a safe place to be free and speak their mind. If you wish to help more, you can donate to Amnesty and even join the Amnesty International Club that is right here at SRHS!

These are just some ideas of how you can help your community this holiday season. People all over town and even the world at large will be thankful for the freedom they now possess and the food they now have. Place yourself in their shoes, and you can see why everyone deserves to be taken care of. So, these are some of the places you can donate to and volunteer at these places this holiday season!

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