Math tutoring resources for SRHS students

Graphic by Julia Sanabria

Article by Yasmine Sarraf

Many students are stressed about their grades right now; fortunately, there are tutoring options that SRHS students can take advantage of. Not only are there peer tutors that are available, but there are also other resources to take advantage of.

In October, the math department released their list of SRHS students who are available to tutor other students one-on-one in math. While tutoring is available for all levels of math, fewer options are available for the higher levels, such as Precalculus, AP Statistics and Statistical Reasoning in Sports. The cost for a peer tutor varies depending on the tutor. If you are interested in tutoring sessions with a SRHS student, contact your school counselor for the list of tutors.

One alternative to peer tutoring for students is requesting assistance from their math teachers. “My recommendation in particular for math—or for any subject—is specifically to talk to [your] current teacher because many teachers are willing to stay after school, be there at break . . . to talk with their students,” advised Kris Bertsch-Rydell, a counselor at SRHS. 

SRHS math teacher Susan Gallegos said, “Most teachers have a time that they can meet with their students. I have offered up lunchtime.” However, teachers offering this kind of assistance volunteer their time; not all teachers are available for this option.

The Santa Rosa Junior College is another resource that could be helpful specifically for students who attend SRJC. The junior college has a tutorial center that offers small group tutoring for many subjects to SRJC students. The SRJC Math Department has a list of private tutors, too, that can tutor SRJC students one-on-one. The cost for a private tutor varies depending on the tutor. The list can be found at  <>.

Another option for tutoring is the Sonoma County Library, which offers free one-on-one online tutoring. This is available to anyone with a library card through Tutoring through the library is available all week from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Chop’s College and Career Hub offers tutoring as well. Members have access to free one-on-one tutoring as well as homework assistance.

There are a lot of options for tutoring at Santa Rosa High School and other places. Students have the resources needed to succeed.

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