Advanced P.E. classes at SRHS

The 2021-2022 Advanced Basketball class battle on the court. The class competes against each other for practice whether they are training for after-school basketball, for P.E. credits or just for fun.

Article and photo by Jasmine Alvarez

During the past few years, Santa Rosa High School has been trying to add new courses for students. This has resulted in the addition of several new classes and English courses. However, the most recent addition has been the numerous new PE classes, which include regular and advanced basketball and soccer training. 

The students in these classes are primarily upperclassmen or those who play the sport at school. I think that these new classes that are offered are an amazing alternative to regular PE classes. Furthermore, it gives the PE teachers something different to teach, while reducing the class sizes. Not only does this help keep teachers stress free, but it additionally helps students get one on one time with their teacher, which can improve their performance in their sport. 

Senior Kevin Rogers spoke to me about this subject, saying ¨I really enjoy the new basketball class, it helps me get the proper exercise, and it is my motivation to get through the day. As a senior, I think it’s really important to have a class to look forward to.¨ I then asked Rogers why he thinks it’s important to exercise daily, and he responded, ¨Honestly, exercise is the best way to relieve stress. I have been doing it since my freshman year, and it really helped me. It also puts me in a better mood since I’m doing something I enjoy.¨ 

As Santa Rosa High tries to add new courses to help students better their high school careers, and to motivate them to take new courses, many students are pleased with what SRHS has to offer this year. Since COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone’s lives, these classes help students feel more at ease, and get back into sports in a fun, interactive way. While not for everyone, sports help motivate people to do more and the new options that SRHS is offering is a great way to do that.

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