Introducing Hyperpop

This is a photo consisting of just some songs that fall into the hyperpop genre. However, it does not even begin to scratch the surface of hyperpop because of how broad the genre is. Sophomore Mila Przyblyski talks about how she listens to artists such as these and has been listening to the genre for about three or four years. Photo by Ashton Seghezzi.

Article by Apollo Hynes and Ashton Seghezzi

Hyperpop is a genre of music that has been described by others to be an extreme, or exaggerated, version of today’s popular music. This genre consists of a range of different sound effects, such as autotune and tons of other amplified noises. Hyperpop was created by A.G Cook, a music producer, singer and songwriter who was born August 23rd 1990. 

Artists who make this type of music such as food house, 100 gecs and slayyyter, make music that have a sort of distorted sound. Sophomore Mila Przyblyski, who started listening to the genre three to four years back, described the music as a brain massage. They found the genre through Tumblr. 

After asking the student to go more into depth, Przyblyski said, ¨in the songs that I listen to, you usually get a range of sound effects to loud noises and auto-tuned singing¨ which is true depending on the artist you’re listening to. A lot of the artists that perform hyperpop start off with SoundCloud, a music-based sharing site based in Berlin, Germany.

Although, if you don’t want to search through SoundCloud artists there are some other more mainstream and popular artists you can check out on Spotify or wherever you stream your music. Some of these artists include p4rkr, CMTEN, Alice gas, glitch gum and KID TRASH.

TikTok blew up the song “Never met!” a hyperpop song by CMTEN that features the artist glitch gum. The TikTok audio consisted of the lyrics ¨I wish I never responded to all those texts and it’d be better if we had just never met. I wish we never met. We broke up on PictoChat, crying on my DS.¨ The song was used for people to post videos of themselves dancing and even artists using the song to show off things such as animatics. The song gave both the artists the spotlight for a while and soon the song left its popularity on the app.

Hyperpop is an expressive and very creative genre, so there are a lot of different varieties. Hear something you don’t like? The next artist you try could have a totally different spin on their choice of lyrics or even sound. While it isn’t a very popular genre and is almost never talked about widely, you never know if you might enjoy it so go ahead and give it a try. 

There are a few recommendations that we have for people interested in the genre. Masquerade by siouxxe, devil cry by whitetrash and kurtains and POSErr by SEBii are all very high energy. Along with INSANITY AMV NEUVOS 2013 by Kid Trash and Money Machine by 100 gecs, Laura les and Dylan Brady have high energy as well. There are more chill ones like red eyes by aldn and glaive, precious by aldn and Anxious by Numl6ck. If you don’t like these you can always look for more that fit your vibe and taste. As always, we hope you find something new to add to your playlist and enjoy. 

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