SRHS students make their own costumes

HOMEMADE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. Junior Kayla Gallagher displays her clothing for her Halloween costume, that she bought at a local thrift store. Gallagher is planning on creating her own costume and these are just some of the pieces she has collected.

Article and photo by Grace Payne

Halloween is right around the corner and many students at Santa Rosa High School are making their own costumes. While it is pretty common to go out and buy a costume, some have decided to put together their own homemade costume. In previous years, students’ homemade costumes have been as simple as a classic sheet ghost with eyes cut out or as complicated and unique as a Starbucks frappaccino. This year there are plenty of others that are just as creative.

There is so much variety on campus. Junior Kayla Gallagher said, “as a member of ArtQuest, I feel a responsibility to have a good creative and funny Halloween costume.”  When asked what that costume would be, Gallagher said, “I am thinking about being Brittany Spears from her Baby One More Time… music video because it’s just such an iconic video that everyone knows.” Gallagher also said she would be putting the costume together herself and possibly shop for the pieces at some thrift stores. Fellow Junior and ArtQuest student Rylan Herring said “I’m thinking about being a Monster High Doll with my friends and I’m trying to piece together what I’m going to wear now.” Herring is going to be the Venus McFlytrap doll because she felt inspired by the green outfit. 

While buying a costume is fine, creating a Halloween costume can be a fun and rewarding experience that makes Halloween feel much more significant. Not to mention homemade costumes are much better for the environment. 

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