How to stay safe during Halloween

BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. Santa Rosa High School panther Rae Pierce (10) submitted a picture of what she would bring with them to a night out on Halloween. She described all her items as ¨important¨ and ¨useful¨. Pierce said ¨so you’ve got to bring your phone in case of an emergency and then a charger in case your phone or someone else’s phone dies. And water so you don’t get dehydrated.¨ after I asked her some of her personal essentials for a Halloween night out. Photo by Rae Pierce

Article by Ashton Seghezzi

Everyone likes going out for candy and dressing up on Halloween, but there are some things us Santa Rosa High School students need to do in order to stay safe while also having fun. 

When going out on Halloween, you should try and go out with an adult or a close group of friends. This is important especially if you’re in a new neighborhood, so that if you get split up during the night you can find each other through texting or calling. Make sure before you leave to go out that your ringer and notifications are on so you don’t miss any calls or important texts. 

Another alternative for if you don’t have access to a phone is deciding on a meeting spot for your group before going out and having fun. For example, you can find a certain street or corner to meet up at if you cannot find each other, or even a memorable decorated house if you can not remember street names.

When going out for Halloween, whether it’s trick or treating or maybe even going to a haunted house, there are some essentials that you need or might want during this time. When asked what he would bring with him on Halloween, senior Miles Been said, ¨Flashlight, water and depending on the weather an umbrella or something. It’s been known to rain on Halloween.¨  

Students, you should always check your candy after getting home from trick or treating. Do not eat anything if you have not checked it. If any piece looks opened, tampered with or resealed, throw it away and do not eat it! People can tamper with candy and if it’s consumed it can lead to things like stomach aches, headaches or things worse such as fainting etc. If you’re not sure about a piece of candy being safe or not, throw it out to prevent any and all accidents that could occur. 

Santa Rosa High School junior, Ace Reyes, answered a question regarding what you should look out for when checking your Halloween candy. ¨Wrappers that look like they’ve been tampered or look like it’s been opened, and if it looks like something is leaking through the wrapper or if it smells weird.” 

Panthers should follow all these recommendations when or even before going out. Take precautions and make sure to stay safe while going out, having fun, dressing up and getting candy. Go get ’em and have fun Panthers! 

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