2021 spirit week recap

Photos and captions by Betzie Hernandez and Zoe Kowalczyk

Spirit Week! Taking place from October 4th to the 8th, 2021, the Spirit Week helped bring new students and returning students together for an exciting and celebratory lead up to the rivalry game against Montgomery High School. When asked who had more spirit, Montgomery or Santa Rosa High School, SRHS principal Dr. Kimberly Clissold responded, “I would say of all the schools that I’ve worked at, Santa Rosa High School has some of the best school spirit I’ve ever seen…”

Spirit week started off strong with Pajama Day. When asked how they felt about the spirit day, Juniors Emily, Sammy and Sadie (in order from left to right) all laughed a little. Sadie said, “It’s like, 86 (degrees) and I’m regretting wearing these.” Followed by her friend, Emily, saying, “It’s comfy!” PJ day showed it’s never a bad time to break out the Christmas PJ pants. 

Monty Nerd Day! Always a classic. Seniors pose at the senior steps after doing karaoke. “Do you think we’re going to win against Monty?” “I have a lot of hope in our team…” said sophomore Gaby Valverde, “I still think that we have a chance against Monty but who knows what will happen.” 

Photo by Tara Elsa

Thursday was the Day of Mourning for the Montgomery Vikings. Here is the carrying out of the Cross that followed the casket of the deceased Viking. When asked if he thinks this spirit days brings the school together in a way, since it’s one of the easiest to dress up for, Andre  responded, “Honestly, I was absent on Day of Mourning but I could truly feel the unity and connection– that students made on that day– through social media….Lots of people participated during the funeral procession and also dressed up in formal black attire. It was a really fun spirit day and certainly brought the entire student body together.” 

 Extreme Orange and Black was the closing spirit day. Almost everybody was wearing all their orange and black showing their spirit not only to end the spirit week on a high note, but to kick off the spirit for the rivalry game as well. As Principle Kimberly Clissold said, “I would not be able to really speak intelligently about what the spirit looks like over at Montgomery right now……..They were spirited when I was there but Santa Rosa spirit, black and orange, can’t beat it.”  

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