Opinion: Why horror games are better than horror movies

HORROR GAMES VS. HORROR MOVIES: The “W, A, S, D” buttons are commonly used to control movement in video games. Horror movies are becoming blander and more boring. Horror video games, however, are becoming a better and more reliable source of entertainment that will sure to get you ready for Halloween!

Article and photo by Emily Lasley

As horror movies get more and more bland, the horror game genre is growing. In this article, I will be giving some of my personal favorite horror games, and my experiences with them. 

Character Sebastian Castellanos, the protagonist of the video game, The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 give the player room to explore, investigate, and make their own decisions, giving a proper horror experience that will be sure to provide a terrifying, yet enjoyable, experience. Unlike horror movies, such as IT or the Halloween series; horror video games provide the player with a more realistic experience. In The Evil Within 2, the tall, feminine, ghost-like entity by the name of “Anima” appears in the game a few times. While playing through the game Anima’s looming presence, and uneasy, rapid teleportation scared me half to death. Players are forced to hide and sneak past her which makes the game even more intense and helps to differentiate from other triple-A games. Whereas when I was watching the movie, Sinister I never got that spine-chilling experience. In fact, it was rather an easy movie to predict. 

Another game worth mentioning is a game called Visage, one of the scariest games I have ever played. Different from most horror games, Visage uses silence to put the player on edge and requires the player to use their brain a lot more frequently. Not only that, it’s more creative than any horror movie I have come across; during Visage’s Chapter 2 “Dolores”, the player is faced with an elderly female ghost named Dolores. Through a series of mirrors and puzzles, players learn about what happened to her and to her family. There are a few moments when you can hear Dolores laugh through a baby monitor, which is both an extremely unsettling and unique experience. Unlike the movie A Quiet Place, you can interact and walk around to whatever you please.

Phasmophobia is an extremely unique horror game to come across, for it is multiplayer. Phasmophobia is a game where you can take up to four players, and work together to research and identify the type of ghost you are called to deal with. You might think that it wouldn’t be scary because other people are there with you, however, you’re wrong. It’s all fun and games until you either don’t receive a response from one of your teammates or hear them scream from a different room. Altogether, the game is very fun and frightening, especially if you have a fear of ghosts and a group of friends to play with. 

Puppet Combo is one of my favorite horror video game developers. Puppet Combo has an older style to their games. Their games have lower quality graphics and a VHS effect to their games, which creates the perfect creepy atmosphere. One of their games, Nun’s Massacre, allows the player to find the information/story while trying to survive against an evil nun in an abandoned school in the mountains. The game is relatively silent most of the time until the Nun finds you- and the chase music cues up. Unlike other themes, such as Friday the 13th or American Horror Story, the chase music doubles my anxiety, I could blame it for the reason I have anxiety in the first place. If you were to be chased by the evil nun, what you would hear is a loud screeching-like noise, followed by an alarm-like sound that distorts, then gets faster, then slows down again. This definitely provides more of a reaction and intense emotions than a horror movie could provide.

The Evil Within, Nun’s Massacre, Phasmophobia, and Visage are superior to any horror movie that’s been created. Horror games are more realistic, more creative, can be played with friends, allow freedom to roam and explore what you want and even have better sound effects and plot than a horror movie can ever offer. Now go grab a headset, buy some horror games, and get ready to get scared this spooky season!

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