Lack of COVID-19 precautions at homecoming dance worrisome to students

Article and graphic by Anthony Flores Cruz

On October 2nd, the Santa Rosa High School student government class finished setting up an amazing homecoming dance for all students to enjoy. It was a great event for both new students and returning ones. Seniors were able to have their final homecoming dance and freshmen got their first impression of what SRHS is all about. 

Of course, there were also flaws that were present at the event. In this article, suggestions, flaws and things that could be improved on will be discussed. I had heard from multiple students that they had suggestions and critique about how homecoming should’ve happened.

Students were mostly concerned about the lack of COVID restrictions at homecoming and agreed some of the guidelines that were put in place didn’t make sense. Even if students were vaccinated they could still get COVID and spread it further, which is why it would be much safer if the school knew all the students attending were COVID free. One question that was asked by Freshman Erin Paredes was, “Why didn’t the school allow food when many people were maskless either way?” Which in retrospect made no sense, the inclusion of food would not have changed the fact that people could get sick. 

The school could have made the dance more safe if they had simply followed through with the requirement that students need either proof of a vaccination or a negative COVID test prior to the event. Due to the fact that some students at the dance had their masks off during most of the event it would’ve been better in hindsight to prepare for it instead of hoping for the best.

The problem was that while COVID rates had dropped around the time October took place they were rising right after. Some students even got sick from the dance and while it was not COVID-19 it is still dangerous to have a weakened immune system at this time. 

I do believe that the school may have been unprepared and I’m grateful that they still showed an effort for students to have a fun event, although in order to ease everyone and keep them safe for future events it would have been a better option to account for unmasked students.

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