Introducing ‘Booing,’ a fun Halloween activity

Article and graphic by Anthony Flores Cruz

As the beginning of fall has started and Halloween is around the corner, it feels right to sit back, relax and just enjoy the holiday. However, there is a tradition that I remember from years ago in which people would go out and secretly ‘Boo!’ each other and I personally believe it would be fun for students this year to participate in it as well! This event isn’t limited to just them though, teachers could join in and boo other classrooms, bringing a little more joy to Halloween.

A ‘Boo!’ is basically a small gift/treat that is anonymously left by an acquaintance or a friend. If a teacher gets booed they hang a picture of a ghost on their classroom door to show that they’ve been boo’d. After that, it is up to that person to do the same to someone else. Traditionally, this is done in neighborhoods. Although, my past schools did it as well, and I do feel that it would be nice for this spirited game to make its way to SRHS.

I think that such a spirited school as SRHS would love to participate in this fun game. Although, I understand that many people have not heard of this before and may be wondering how you can make a boo basket. A ‘Boo Basket’ can be simple with just a cutout of a ghost and some treats, but they are also a way to let your creativity flow and make beautifully decorated gifts! While you can’t personally hang a picture of a ghost on your friend, a solution to make this doorstep game come to life would be by putting a little cut-out on your locker! This game can either range from a small treat exchange from friends, to a massive gift trade between a large amount of students and classes!

With Halloween approaching, take the opportunity to treat your friends to a festive surprise! Have fun decorating and don’t forget to pass on this spooky present to anyone else. The best way to do it this year would be to pass around a “Boo Basket” and enjoy a delicious treat!

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