Despite long lines, 2021 Homecoming a Success

The Homecoming Queen, Avery King (12, left) and King, Maverick Cheney (12, right) stand together at the Homecoming dance, the event they won their royal titles for. King said, when talking about her win, “It was unexpected. It felt really great winning. I felt really loved by the seniors and appreciated being given the opportunity to be nominated.” When asked, Cheney said about his win, “It was awesome winning. my ArtQuest family really pulled through and showed that even though they were dwindling they were still here and willing to show spirit.” These two gladly enjoyed the rest of the dance.

Article and Photo by Mary Jane Alexander

Music was blaring, lights were flashing brightly on the dark field and people were dancing excitedly, with smiles large as the sky painted on their faces. That’s the image seen at the Homecoming Dance, which was held on October 2nd, from 8-10 pm. 

People seemed ecstatic to be able to go, hangout with friends, party and generally enjoy a massive part of school that was missed due to COVID. At the dance, there were many people in unique outfits, such as many of the seniors, who wore Jazzercise, which is a tradition for the Homecoming Dance. 

At the dance, there was a photobooth, which allowed students to take a few photographs with friends, and then get some photo strips to share amongst their friends. 

During the dance, there were many individuals who seemed to be having a fantastic time. One individual who was ecstatic to be there was freshman Dacey Howe. When asked about her feelings surrounding the dance she stated, “The dance was super fun. I really enjoyed getting to dance and party with all my friends. After such a long year being stuck at home because of the pandemic, this was a great experience. I felt that the colorful lights and upbeat music made it a really great atmosphere for dancing. The only thing that could have been improved upon was the line for entry, but other than that I think that it was really great!” 

Another freshman who was partying like there was no tomorrow at the dance was Kyle Bradford. When asked about the dance, Kyle Bradford said, “The homecoming was fun. The line took a while so I only got to dance for an hour. It was not what I thought it was gonna be though it was kinda like a rave so I think the nice clothes were unnecessary. Overall a good experience”

As you can tell from these quotes, the dance was a flying success and served as a great way to allow students to socialize, and feel a tad more normal and comfortable in the current world. 

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