Teacher Appreciation Day

SUPERSTAR TEACHERS. Johnathon Muchow (left) is a teacher of Economics and World History. He has a lot of energy he brings to each class to hype them up and get ready to learn. Mitchell Utsey (center) is the auto shop teacher at Santa Rosa High School. He makes everyone feel welcome in his class, like a big family, and of course makes sure everyone is working hard to do what they’re supposed to. With some light ribbing of course. Nightsnow Vogt (right) is a teacher of U.S. Government and World History and is liked for being a laid back yet inclusive teacher who makes all his students feel relaxed as well and welcome while learning a whole lot at the same time. Teacher photos by Lifetouch.

Article by Ben Sorkin

On Friday, September 10th, Teachers’ Day, teachers all over the world were honored for their job of educating our youth. We have a wide variety of teachers here at SRHS that teach everything from Economics to P.E. Some students were asked who their favorite teachers were for various reasons and here’s what they had to say!

Nightsnow Vogt teaches world history and government, mainly to sophomores and he has made a good impression on students around the school. Lilly Goff (Sophomore) said, “Mr. Vogt is my favorite I’d say. He kinda just does his own thing and he loves what he teaches and makes it interesting.”

Another history teacher favorite is Johnathon Muchow, who also teaches economics. He interacts with his students, making classes fun and integrative for all his students. A student (Senior) who wished to remain anonymous said, “My current choice would be Mr. Muchow; he’s energetic and he likes talking to students and bringing conversations into the class.”

One student had two teachers in mind because she loved them both equally. Hannah Vigil (Senior) said, “I have two. Mrs. Barber, she’s like, the most entertaining and fun teacher but you learn stuff from her as well. And she throws candy at you when you do well! Secondly, I love Mrs. Ramos. She’s overall entertaining and makes sure you get your work done but in a nice and encouraging way.” Tracy Barber teaches Math 1A and Math 1B as well as Directed Studies. She has become a favorite of many students due to her interactivity with the students and entertaining stories. Kathleen Ramos works as an RSP instructor for those that need a little push to get started in life. If anyone deserves to be recognized, it’s her.

Another student’s favorite teacher told it like it was, which is exactly what you look for in a history teacher. Luna Dungan (Junior) said, “Mr. Cortopassi because he tells us what really happened in history and he’s not afraid to give us a reality check and I can tell he’s really passionate about the subject he’s teaching. He has a lot of good jokes and sarcasm when it comes to history.” John Cortopassi teaches U.S. History, U.S. History P, and U.S. History AP.

To some, a teacher can be a caring figure, helping a person to grow in a meaningful way, as is the case with auto teacher Mitchell Utsey. Xenia Winters (Sophomore) said, “Mr. Utsey, because he is like a father figure and cares for all of us and he will make fun of us, but in a friendly, caring way.”

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