New SRHS Staff Excited to Join the Panther Family

HAPPY TO BE A PANTHER: Two of Santa Rosa High’s new faculty pose for a picture Marla Tusa (left) our new music teacher, and Kelsey Fotouhi, pictured with her son (right), our new attendance tech. They both mentioned they are excited to start working at this school and Tusa said,” I look forward to being a part of the school community and to helping students reach their full potential.” Both faculty members have been doing fantastic jobs bringing pride to being a panther. Photo provided by: Marla Tusa and Kelsey Fotouhi.

Article by Julia Sanabria

Music, it’s a part of most people’s lives. We hear it daily, it moves us, distracts us and comforts us. For Marla Tusa it plays an even bigger part. She enjoys making music and singing in her free time because of this she is our new chamber choir, beginning guitar, vocal ensemble, concert choir and cyber high teacher here at Santa Rosa High. 

Who makes sure everyone is in their classes and on schedule? The attendance techs! Santa Rosa High School recently added to their staff and welcomed a tech, Kelsey Fotouhi. She is our high school’s new attendance tech. If you think your schedule changes were hard, think about the workload our attendance techs have. When asked about said workload, Fotouhi shared that it has been heavy and challenging, but she has support from her co-worker Charli Kirtley and she thinks they are handling it well.

Tusa has always wanted to lead high school choirs. When asked what made her want to teach at Santa Rosa High she said, “When the job opening came up I was happy to apply and ever so proud to be hired.” She spent the last two decades teaching elementary school music classes and she is very excited to begin a new chapter of her career. She is not a Santa Rosa High alumni herself, but her husband and many of their friends are graduated panthers. 

Fotouhi loves it here at Santa Rosa so far and she went here as a student. She says it’s cool to be working at her alma mater and the staff and students are awesome.

Most recently.Tusa worked at Proctor Terrace Elementary School as the music teacher and for the past two years she has been part of the “Music Blitz” team with elementary schools in the district. The “Music Blitz” is a group with three to four music teachers that go to different schools each morning and teach many different music classes. 

Before working here, at Santa Rosa High School, Fotouhi still worked for the district but as a behavioral aid in special services. 

Similar to most people, singing brings Tusa joy. She has said that she is very fortunate to be able to pursue her passion as her career. She has looked up to all her choir teachers in her life and had always wished that one day it could be her career. 

Fotouhi is a single mom of an 8-year-old; so much of her interests align with his own needs and interests. This includes anything dangerous with a lot of teeth like dinosaurs, sharks and ninja turtles. Fotouhi also mentioned she loves dancing and her decorations on her desk, in the attendance office, showcase her kind regard for mermaids. 

Tusa loves to spend her free time outdoors with her family, husband and two boys, going to the park, beach, river etc. She also enjoys travelling and spending time in Canada, her home country, with her family. 

Santa Rosa High School is incredibly lucky to have these wonderful people now working at our school!

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