Lady Panther Volleyball Teams bring Energy, Teamwork

VARSITY GIRLS CRUSH HEALDSBURG: On Thursday night, September 9th, the Varsity girls volleyball team beat Healdsburg in 3 sets. This is the first of many wins for these girls, seeing as the league games have not started yet. The energy on the court and the bench on Thursday night was electrifying; after every play a roar of cheers came off the bench. This energy is exactly what sophomore Rylee Ponce was talking about when she said, “In order to perform our best as a team I’ve noticed that positive energy improved our game play dramatically.”

Article and photo by Maddie Sanabria, copy editor

Santa Rosa High’s girls volleyball team is off to a great start this season. Coming back from the shortened 2021 spring season during COVID-19, the girls are excited to finally get some normalcy back into their lives. 

The JV and Varsity teams feel confident in their abilities to do well this season. The Varsity team especially has a very strong back row, meaning that even though the Varsity team is not the tallest, the defense will be able to pick up the strong hits from the opposing teams. With the back row picking up the strong hits, it gives setters the ability to set their hitters for the opportunity for a kill. Senior and Varsity player Kayleen Ledbetter is in agreement with this and comments by saying, “I think this year we have a pretty solid team. We are very gifted in how scrappy we are as well and how much energy we bring to the court.”

One of the most important things to bring to every volleyball game is energy; energy can make or break a game for the lady panther volleyball team. It is crucial for a good game to have high positive energy. Sophomore and Varsity player Rylee Ponce said, “ In order to perform our best as a team I’ve noticed that positive energy improves our game play dramatically.”

Not only is the Varsity team doing well, but the JV team is also doing well. Senior and JV player Jessica Tran strongly believes that because of the JV team’s good chemistry they have a good chance of winning. “I think our team will play well together and win some games since everyone gets along and encourages each other to play their best and try their hardest,” she says.

Along with the team goals that the girls share with each other, junior Amelia Kirby also has individual goals that she hopes to achieve by the end of the season. “I’m hoping to become better at hitting from back row and increasing my vertical.” By Kirby getting better at hitting from the back row it not only helps her become the best player she can be, but it also helps the team stay aggressive and get more wins. 

Being a part of the volleyball team is not only about getting to play a sport you love and competing against the other schools; being on the volleyball team gives you a chance to branch out and meet new people. “My favorite part of being part of the volleyball team would have to be meeting everyone and making friends that I probably wouldn’t have met outside of volleyball. Throughout my two years on the team I have realized how amazing and wonderful these girls are,” said Ponce. 

Both the JV and Varsity team are happy with who is on the team this year and feel that they are all getting really close and forming one big family. Come watch the lady panther volleyball teams at their next home game!

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