SRHS Students Engage in Activism through New Clubs

SPEAKING OUT. From left to right, Zohar Kennard and Isabella Damberger-Sheldon, co-presidents of the Amnesty International Club, and Anya Fouts, the club’s secretary, can be seen on the day that students got together to stand in solidarity with the thousands of women who were affected by Texas’ recent abortion law. This is just one of many movements that members of their club will be attending this year. Photo by Shinobu Monraz.

Article by Rubi Melo

At Santa Rosa High School, there are many new clubs created by ambitious people who want to make a difference. 

One of these clubs, the Youth Activism Club, created by junior Anuska Parajuli who is also the president, is striving to give students a voice and help them express their opinions on issues that they care about. Parajuli created this progressive club with the help of Lila Henderson, one of the school’s Living Earth teachers. She is the advisor for the club and helps them with their goal of “combat[ing] certain issues and spread[ing] awareness by discussing current events, organizing/attending protests, having guest speakers, and creating social media campaigns,” according to Parajuli. 

The club currently has around 20 members and they hope to gain more. The Youth Activism Club is exactly what we need; they are creating a new culture at Santa Rosa High and inspiring students to be ambitious and as they expand their club, and hope to “hold major events that create an impact for our community and world.”

The Amnesty International Club is also committed to addressing current pressing issues. Presidents Isabella Damburger and Zohar Kennard, are working to “to promote education on current human rights issues, as well as taking action to combat them,” according to Kennard. 

Their club has 30 members so far, and they are hoping to gain more throughout the school year. 

The Amnesty International Club means a lot to Damburger and Kennard and when asked why they created their club, Damburger answered that the club is “a space for young activists to come together and organize together in the hopes of making real change in the fight for our collective rights.”

They have organized to support students in their self-discovery of their own voices and opinions, and to help them realize that their voices are powerful, especially when they’re a part of a collective group. “The most important thing to Zohar and I is to leave behind a place for students to rally together on issues they are passionate about in order to create a community at SRHS that is open and welcoming to everyone for years to come,” says Damburger.

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