President Prior-Hodenfield, VP Arseneau Elected By Class of 2025

PANTHER PRIDE: On Friday September 10, Freshman President, Rustin Prior-Hodenfield (left) and Vice President, Cooper Arseneau (right) Demonstrate their spirit wear for orange and black day. “I love showing off my school spirit by participating in spirit days, and encouraging others to do the same!” said Arseneau. The new freshmen who joined student government are truly showing they will try to hype up and make freshmen just as involved in school as the other grades can be.

Article and Photo by Anthony Flores Cruz

As our school slowly yet surely is going back to normal, freshmen were elected for student government positions. Unlike the elections sophomores, juniors and seniors have, freshmen officers are elected at the start of the school year. This year’s elections were held via email on September 1, and almost all candidates ran unopposed. As it seems most freshmen didn’t run for any position due to many factors, some were nervous, others simply forgot and some just didn’t feel like they could get their name out. Freshman Jaiden Muro says, “I feel like it shouldn’t have been online. I feel like we should have had to make speeches, posters and stuff to advertise.”

Due to the fact there weren’t too many students signing-up, our candidates were able to attain their position easily.

The freshman that was elected for president was Rustin Prior-Hodenfield. Prior-Hodenfield states, “I am excited to be a part of the events such as football games, dances, and other events!” He plans on helping out with the school’s community and will strive to be a great leader to any freshman. 

The vice president, Cooper Arseneau, is also grateful to have been elected for student government as she says, “I am really excited that I got this position and it’s going to be really cool to work alongside the other freshmen!” Arseneau chose to run for office because she had heard from her peers that working in student government was an exhilarating experience and decided she should try it herself.

When asked if he was excited about being in student government, the newly elected secretary, Diego Arugueta, said “Yes, it gives me a say for Freshmen, so I’m very excited to be in this prestigious class,” Arugueta also plans to do good for the school and also make it a better experience for freshman. Although he does have some opinions on his position as secretary as he states, “Secretary in my opinion should have a more bigger say as currently, because for me secretary is like the mediator between the vice president and the president.”

Overall, the three freshmen who have recently joined student government seem to be very excited. I’m sure the school is glad to have fresh ideas and new representatives that can lead and give a voice for all freshmen this school year.

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