SRHS Football Kicks Off the Season

FRIDAY NIGHT AT NEVERS FIELD. With a year and a half of screaming and cheering  filling the air as SRHS Football Panthers’ enter onto the field, all the players’ training and endless hours of work were for moments like these. “Nothing better than Friday Night under the lights. Go Panthers,” Coach Patrick said.

Article and Photo by Zoe Kowalczyk

Go panthers! Even with the changes that we’ve faced with returning back in person, especially regarding sports, our first home football game was on September 3rd, hosting the Petaluma Trojans. The Panther spirit and radiant excitement brought us together and we showed that we can come back stronger than ever. The SRHS Football team put on a show as it became a very close game in the end.“Fight, fellas, fight, fight, fight! We’ll win this game.” 

Orange and black began to fill up the bleachers as 7pm rolled around. The months of hard work and intense training were apparent in each of the players’ efforts throughout the game. “Do you think having everyone back together cheering in the stands made the team want to work even harder?” I asked Luis Patrick, one of the coaches for the team, to which he responded, “Having the students back in the stands absolutely helps the team on the field. The positive energy that radiates from the stands [onto] the field is electrifying for the players.”

“The traditions and spirit within Santa Rosa High School are the best and that’s well known throughout the area so when the students create that amazing atmosphere from the stands the team feeds off that excitement and energy.” That excitement and energy carried into the last half as the Panthers’ closed the gap to 7 points. The high energy and appreciation from the crowd seemed never-ending.    

Along with the cheering from the crowd, the SRHS cheerleaders showed their practice and skill during the game as well, cheering alongside the Panther football players the whole game. During halftime, they performed their well choreographed,  in-sync routine that was exciting and fun to watch.  As sophomore  Lala Ochoa put it, “Cheerleading for my first home game since we haven’t been in school was different but also super fun! Seeing everyone out there cheering on the school made the game even more fun. When we were doing cheers and the student section was doing it with us, you could feel the spirit, the football players did well and overall it was good and fun.” 

“You win some, you learn some.” Despite having lost it was a very close game, and the players didn’t make it easy for The Trojans to score at any point in the game. The Panther players and cheerleaders showed nothing but their best effort the whole game and the crowd showed nothing but pride and respect for everyone and everything that had made this night come together. More intense Friday night football games to come here at Nevers Field, and at the opposing schools as well.

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