Senior Sunrise Returns to SRHS

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. Savannah Hines (12, left) and Isabella Damberger-Sheldon (12, right) pose with their donuts at Santa Rosa High School’s senior sunrise. “Was getting up at 5:45 in the morning worth it?” Hines asked, answering her own question jokingly with “Yes, to see Anya [Fouts, 12, a friend] and Anya only.” Many students who were used to rolling out of bed before our school’s new 8:30 a.m. start time had to set their alarms extra early for senior sunrise.

Article and Photo by Molly Murphey, website editor

Santa Rosa High School— Seniors trickle onto Nevers Field in the near dark to stake out their spot. They’ve come to watch the first Senior Sunrise at Santa Rosa High School since the pandemic began. The event, which was slated to run from 6 to 7 am before the school day began on Friday, August 27, only really kicked off as the majority of students arrived about 15 minutes late. 

Volunteers, including the school’s student government class advisor, Ms. Piehl manned a table near the goalpost and distributed donuts to students from huge, pink boxes. Because Santa Rosa was in the midst of a heatwave, the air lacked its characteristic Northern California chill. Still, students were glad they brought their blankets to cover the dewy turf on the field.

Students huddled in about a dozen groups and mingled amongst them. They posed for photos with friends and for the school yearbook and newspaper photographers. 

“I feel that since freshman year our class has definitely bonded even with COVID being an inconvenience,” said ASB president, Stella Clarkson. She was happy to see people mingling among groups and “getting out of their bubble” and is looking forward to organizing more senior-only events this year.

Despite the smoke in the air, Clarkson says that the sunrise was the clearest she has seen since she began volunteering at senior sunrises when she first joined Student Government in freshman year. 

 Around 7, students headed to breakfast spots nearby like Cafe Mimosa, IHOP, and Dierk’s Midtown Cafe to eat before the school day, having saved room even after the donuts. 

Underclassmen may have noticed that their senior friends looked a little tired as they attended class and set up for Club Day (also Friday, at lunch). Seniors, for their part, were grateful that the AP Literature and AP statistics tests had been scheduled for Thursday instead of  Friday.

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