Sonoma County Theaters Reopen As Restrictions Are Lifted

The Roxy theater is back in the swing of things after over a year of being closed. Reopening at half capacity while we remain in the orange tier, showing Godzilla vs Kong, Voyagers, City of Lies, Tom and Jerry and many more.

Article & Photo By: Spencer Page

The release of many movies has been delayed due to theaters not being able to be open as a result of the pandemic. However, as the number of cases go down each week in Sonoma County, theaters are starting to reopen and those movies will start to go into theaters. 

On March 31st, Airport Stadium 12, Roxy Stadium 14 and Summerfield Cinemas reopened to some capacity, while Boulevard 14 Cinemas in Petaluma reopened on April 1st and the Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma reopened on April 2nd.

However, there are heavy amounts of restrictions on the number of people that can attend these movies. Due to the fact that we are still in the red tier when it comes to COVID-19, these theaters will be opening at 25% capacity or 100 people, depending on which one is fewer. Those who attend the movies must continue to wear their masks except when they are eating or drinking.

However those exact restrictions may be rolled back if Sonoma County is able to reach the orange tier as expected, in which case the theaters would be able to open at 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer.

One person who is very excited for theaters to reopen is sophomore Tristan Liggett who said, “Before the pandemic, I didn’t realize how important theaters were, but as we have been in quarantine I’ve found my life incomplete. Thus I’m super excited to experience the joyous occasion when I can enter a theater again.” 

Liggett also remarked on how excited he is to see the new Godzilla vs. Kong film despite having  already seen it, just not in a theater, “It will be a whole new experience to be able to see them duke it out on the big screen.”

So while many activities may still be missing due to the pandemic, one aspect of normalcy is returning in the form of theaters.

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