Tops Picks For Reality TV Shows

Time to binge! About to watch the first season of ‘Ink Masters’ on Netflix. There are only two seasons out of the six produced. “I absolutely love the show, it is really cool to see what these artists come up with in such a short amount of time,” said Destyni Hayes.

Article & Photo By: Destyni Hayes

Since the beginning of quarantine, streaming services have gotten much more attention with shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Pen15 getting a lot of recognition. However, since then many other shows have been released. Here is a compiled list of some of the best reality TV shows that have been aired in the past 10 years.

1.) Teen Mom

Teen Mom is a show that was similar to 16 and Pregnant. As Teen Mom navigates the life of young girls who live through their first years of motherhood. Juggling the tasks of highschool, college, jobs, moving out and relationships. There is a lot of drama throughout the seasons with exes and other people in the young moms lives.

2.) Ink Master

Ink Master is a competitive show composed of 18 tattoo artists that are rivals from the start. Some build friendships while others watch and see what weaknesses other artists have. Each episode there is a new challenge for these amazing tattoo artists, and by the end of each episode one is voted off by the judges.

3.) Little Women; Atlanta

Little Women: Atlanta is a very dramatic reality tv show. Little Women have many different series with different cities. These women are full of fire and passion, each with their own feisty personality. Much like other reality tv shows it wouldn’t be complete without some drama. Not one episode can be over without a bit of fighting, either over lifestyle choices, family, or money. These women know how to create a fuss with each other over even the smallest of things.

These are only a few reality tv shows that have gotten amazing reviews, there are many more out there to fit your interests and cravings for drama.

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