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Howarth Park Reopens Lake Activities

When asked why Daniel enjoys Howarth Park, he responded with,"When I lived in the area, I would go hiking with my friends and family around the surrounding trails. The place is bountiful with wildlife and beautiful trees.”Photo By: Daniel Vela Article By: Trenton Cooper On Sunday, March 14, Santa Rosa was permitted to leave the purple tier and moved into the red tier. While COVID-19 is still prevalent in Santa Rosa, local businesses can start to open up, to get the local economy moving.  One such business that is

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SRHS’ Baseball Team Resumes Practice In Preparation For A New Season

Field work. Senior Timmy Bankston and Junior Michael Martinez prepare the field for a game against Rancho Cotate. Before and after each game, the field must be raked, watered and dragged to ensure that it is safe and playable for the next day's work. “It is really important to put out full effort into preparing the field for each and every game because the harder we work, the nicer the field is, both to look at and to play on.” Said junior Sebastian Bohn, “It’s a mix of making it easy on ourselves and taking pride in our

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SRHS Student Thoughts On The Upcoming Return To In-Person Learning

Returning to school has split the student populous in half. Some want to return and others plan on staying on distance learning, whether that be because they’re being precautious or because they prefer distance learning. In the poll, out of 30 students, 57% plan on returning & 43% will stay online. Senior Clarissa Diaz says, “being a senior who's struggling with online learning I feel desperate to get back and experience my senior year at the actual campus.”

Article & Graphic By: Emmanuel Vallarta A year

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What You Should Plant Now For A Summer Garden

Strawberries right outside my own backyard. Planting these took only 10 minutes, and we put them in a really nice looking pot. “These will taste so good since they’re home grown,” said my sister as we put them in. Planting these was a great way to get outside, and now we have something to look forward to. Article & Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk If you are in need of something to do this summer, gardening can not only help you destress but can also be a fun activity you can do by yourself or with a friend or family member.

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SRHS Softball Returns To Practice

A season like never before. Eight of the Santa Rosa High School softball team’s seventeen players were cleared and ready to go at their March 29th practice. Because there is no Junior Varsity team this year, first-year players are learning directly from veterans. Photo by Molly Murphey. Half an hour before practice on March 29th, coach Kevin Costello, also the woodshop teacher at Santa Rosa High School, was parking the softball program’s new John Deere vehicle after using it to rake the field. Not long after, senior Hailey

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Amanda Gorman’s Impact on the SRHS English Department

Amanda Gorman graces the cover of Time magazine after topping bestseller lists for her three books, interviewing with Michelle Obama, and signing with IMG Models. Although these are stellar accolades, SRHS senior Blancaflor says, “Gorman’s best accomplishment in my eyes is being such an inspiration, representative, and bright influence for BIPOC around the globe.”

Photo By: Awol Erizku Just over a month has passed since National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman captivated the world at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

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Thrifting Locations In Sonoma County

Found it! What’s not to love about thrifting and finding some absolute gems for your closet. Senior, Eliana Bruce, shares, “I love thrift shopping with my friends and I have found some great pieces at thrift stores.” If you ever need something to do look up your nearest thrift shop and you will definitely have a blast. Photo By: Eliana Bruce Article By: Shai Fichtelberg Thrifting has become an activity that many teens enjoy. Going into shops, sifting through clothes, and finding great deals, what’s not to love? In Sonoma

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SRHS English Teacher Mrs. Kroeck’s Retirement

English teacher Mrs. Kroeck is retiring at the end of this year. She has been teaching for 35 years, 14 of those years have been teaching at SRHS. Not only is Mrs. Kroeck going to miss her students, but also SRHS’ beautiful campus. “ It was a hard decision -- to let go.

I will have to replace with something else this sense of purpose I have held for almost my whole life: to matter, to make a difference for someone.”Photo By: Mrs. Kroeck Article By: Maddie Sanabria At the end of this school year, Santa Rosa High

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Easy Pets To Care For As A Student

Have you been looking for something to do? Well, a great idea is to get a pet. Not only will it give you something to busy yourself with there are also many benefits of owning a pet such as having companionship. As students, we might not have the most time on our hands to care for a pet so I have compiled a list of easy pets to care for which is perfect for students! Article & Photo By: Xiaolin Cai Now that we have more time at home everyone is looking for things to busy themselves with, and what better way to do that

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Benefits Of Maintaining Self-Care

Santa Rosa High School junior, Emi Burke, finds herself hiking and exploring outdoors in order to destress herself and clear her mind. According to Burke, “I’m always so busy with school and my job I often find that I’m overworking myself and never take the time to just relax, which hiking has become an outlet for me to do so.” Emi Burke has taken many AP and Junior College courses this year and even manages all of her schoolwork while handling a part-time job, as well as a social life. Taking time to be around nature and greenery

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