Best Sonoma County Hiking Spots

Taylor Mountain has opened up to the public to provide a safe experience hiking with friends or family. When I asked freshman Paloma R. if she had been on a hike recently, she said, “Yes! I went yesterday! It’s honestly one of the best ways to de-stress (and) it’s so calming and just good for your mental health like spending some time outside in nature walking.”

Article & Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk

Hiking is a fun yet safe way to spend time away from home, while also providing an opportunity to connect with friends and family. Sonoma County offers what seems like endless amounts of trails, located in all different areas and environments. Nearby mountains, lakes, forests and even beaches contain beautiful scenery and a great experience alone or with a friend. 

In Sonoma County alone, there are over 150 trails waiting to be explored. The Laguna de Santa Rosa trail, located 12 minutes from Santa Rosa High School, offers stunning sunsets and lakefront views, spanning about three miles long. Another popular spot is Taylor Mountain. The three different trails each being about five miles long with cows along the way, provide a good start to bringing exercise into your daily routine. If you’re looking for the calming ocean noises and short walks, Bodega Bay is the perfect destination, with multiple different trails that could be just what you’re looking for. For a quieter location, North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park offers bike trails, breathtaking views, and covered in beautiful redwood trees. The trails are each about 4 miles long. 

Mr.Patrick, SRHS P.E teacher, has been doing videos called TASC, where he shows trails around sonoma county, and how easy they are to access. “Hiking has so many benefits.” “Hiking is a great way to raise your heart rate and improve your cardio.

Thus, lowering your blood pressure and decreasing risk of many diseases. Also, it is a great way to strengthen your lower body without a whole lot of risk to injury. Usually people feel positive after a solid hike too!!” When preparing to go on a hike, you’re going to want to make sure you have the essentials. This includes water, sunscreen and the right running shoes and clothes, and a mask.  Also before you head out on the trail, make sure you’re familiar with the trail and the area, and tell someone where you’re going ahead of time. Starting off slow is key as well. Most of us have been on hiking field trips in the past, and those smaller trail lengths are a good place to start off. Bring a friend or family member, and make sure both of you are taking the right precautions to help you feel more protected as well.

The key to hiking is to have an enjoyable time, take in the views and learn about the different trails and locations of Sonoma County. Getting out of the house can not only improve your mood, but help you discover where else you can go during the pandemic, while also staying safe.

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