“Songbird” Movie Review

While reflecting on our newfound COVID-19 reality, people rave about Adam Mason’s new film Songbird. It features the extremities of our own world, alongside an invigorating love story between KJ Apa (Nico) and Sofia Carson (Sara). This thriller-induced dystopian film is a must see on this year’s list.

Article By: Dalia Pelayo-Mark

With the countless movies coming out to our screens at home, I was shocked to realize hardly any movies revolved around our global pandemic. This was up until the film Songbird was released December 11, 2020. A thriller/sci-fi starring the well known actors KJ Apa, Sofia Carson, Alexandra Daddario, Jenna Ortega, and Demi Moore. This film was based on the extremities of our newfound reality of COVID-19. However, in this dystopian world it’s called COVID-23. With news of virus vaccinations being out we’ve been getting a mere glimpse of the end of this never ending tunnel. But for directors of Songbird, we’re heading towards a not-too-distant reality where “COVID-23” has killed more than 100 million people. While watching this, it’s hard to not have that lingering thought of what if this actually happened? It seems to be closer to reality than science fiction.

The film takes place in Los Angeles, taking on the form of martial law. Within the city are Q-Zones, places where people with the virus are taken to die. Main character, Nico (played by heartthrob KJ Apa) is a bike messenger who happens to be one of the rare people immune to the disease. He wears a bracelet that proves his immunity status and allows him to safely pass through the city on his bike, typically under the GPS-guided instruction of his boss Lester.

Nico has a girlfriend named Sara (Sofia Carson), who lives with her grandmother, but they only get to communicate through FaceTime and closed doors. Sara’s grandmother ends up getting the disease and is soon to be transferred to the deadly Q-Zone. Nico races through Los Angeles to get an immunity bracelet like his to save her before it’s too late.

After watching the exasperating film, I can confidently say Songbird is worthy to add onto your list of movies you’ve been procrastinating on watching. It’s available on YouTube, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video. So grab that popcorn, throw on some fuzzy socks, and don’t let it make you become fearful of our COVID-19 reality.

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