SRHS Student Opinions On The COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations. Shown here is the Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital, directly next to the Luther Burbank Center. Both locations at 50 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa, CA have been a major location for all coronavirus related matters, including vaccinations within Sonoma County.

Article & Photo By: Conor Grace

As vaccines for COVID-19 are becoming available to the general public, it is now time for many students to begin deciding whether they intend to take the vaccine or not. High school students will generally be lower on the priority list to receive vaccines; however, with students having jobs requiring vaccinations such as elder care, some are eligible to receive the vaccine much sooner than others.

I believe eligible students should get fully vaccinated. Having more vaccinated teens, a group that is responsible for a large amount of our population’s spreading of the virus, would create a safer community for all.

The students I spoke to about receiving vaccinations all agreed that they would like to receive vaccinations. Grace Moore, a junior at Santa Rosa High School told me, “I would love to feel safe walking through my neighborhood again. Being high risk, I want to get vaccinated as soon as I can to stay safe.”

When I asked Riley Zander, also a junior at Santa Rosa High School, if she wanted to get vaccinated, she said, “I would love to get vaccinated as long as it is proven to be safe.”

The second biggest reason to become vaccinated that I heard from students was to be able to regain a social life. The main reason of course was safety.

Both Riley Zander and Grace Moore told me that they wanted to safely interact with family and friends without fear again.

Students should try to let those that need vaccinations due to being more vulnerable to COVID-19 receive their vaccines before taking much needed doses out of a struggling supply chain. 

Becoming vaccinated is certainly necessary now, however, vulnerable parts of the community need to be prioritized. I recommend that students wait until it’s their turn to receive vaccinations then jump on the opportunity.

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