Non-romantic Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Article By: Tianna Cooke

Valentine’s Day is either one’s favorite or least favorite holiday; the latter typically belongs to those who are single or have no plans for the love-filled day. Instead of dreading the upcoming holiday and thinking about all the ways one could have celebrated with someone, why not think about the ways you can celebrate on your own? 

Cheap but delicious. Many convenient stores have sales on all things Valentine’s Day the day after the holiday. Buying the candy the day after serves as a fun tactic to celebrate if you didn’t have anyone to celebrate with. “That’s an interesting idea,” said junior Valeria Cervantes. “I’d never thought of that before and will have to try it.” Photo by Tara Elsa

It’s fairly common to ask your friends to be your Valentine if they don’t have a significant other because it’s better than spending the holiday alone. Valentine’s Day spent with friends, also known as “Galentine’s Day,” is a very trendy and easy way to celebrate. All you have to do is get their closest friends together while obeying COVID restrictions and organize a dinner (gifts aren’t required, but are usually part of the celebration).

Junior Eli Winkleman is going for a more relaxing approach, saying “I’m just going to watch Attack on Titan since there’s a new episode coming out.” Watching your favorite movies or TV shows is a more mellow alternative to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Although it is advised not to watch movies that are about love, seeing as it’ll just make one feel more lonely.

Another idea is to go to the store the day after Valentine’s Day and buy all of the discounted candy. This way you don’t have to feel bad about not getting any, but more importantly, you’re getting the sweets for cheaper than usual – and who doesn’t love cheap and delicious candy? Just pretend the heart-shaped box isn’t there…

Lastly, look on the bright side of being single and not having to celebrate. It truly saves you so much money. You don’t have to go buy a giant teddy bear for fifty dollars, pay for an expensive dinner, flowers, or a box of chocolates. Being single has its perks, and by February 15th, you’re going to forget all about the dread that this holiday brings and have a whole year to figure out how to not spend the next one alone (although it shouldn’t be too big of a deal if you do; just refer back to my advice)!

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