“Wonder Woman 1984” Ropes In New Viewers For HBO Max

WW84 Boosts HBO Max. Since its premier, “Wonder Woman 1984 “has increased subscribers for HBO MAX. “Wonder Woman 1984” premiered on HBO Max and in theaters simultaneously on Christmas Day, but the movie was a disappointment for some fans including, freshman Theo Kofahl who said, “The movie was terrible compared to the last one.”

Article & Photo By: Evan Mirante

With COVID-19 forcing many blockbuster movies to be postponed, one of the highly anticipated releases of 2020 was Wonder Woman 1984. It was released on Christmas Day in select theaters and on HBO’s new streaming service, HBO Max. Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the movie is a sequel to the highly successful Wonder Woman that was released in 2017. Wonder Woman 1984 has had its own success despite debuting during a pandemic, earning $85 million globally in its first week and boosting subscribers for HBO Max. According to Vulture, data from the analytics firm, Antenna, showed HBO Max had more new users within the first three days of the movie’s debut than any other streaming service had during that same time period within the past year. Antenna’s data also showed Wonder Woman 1984 beating Disney+’s Hamilton by 40 percent and Soul (which also debuted on Christmas Day) by 107 percent.

Despite the success of Wonder Woman 1984, many fans have mixed reviews about the sequel. Freshman Theo Kofahl said, “The movie was terrible compared to the last one. The main antagonist sucked and there wasn’t really a main battle against Cheetah.” While Freshman Devin Vancil liked the movie. “I thought that it had a lot of twists and turns and was very action packed,” he said.

I personally thought that Wonder Woman 1984 was predictable and had lazy storytelling. The cast featured many great actors and actresses, but at times the chemistry between them felt off. Even Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine’s Steve, Wonder Woman’s dead lover from World War I who miraculously appears again in 1984, don’t seem to have the same chemistry that they did in the first film. 

None of the new characters were that interesting, especially Kristen Wiig who played the secondary villain, Cheetah. After the first half of the film, she seems forgotten about. Her character was just used as an easy way to bring more action and another villain into the movie. It was also strange to see Wiig play a darker role since she is normally a comedic actress. It was believable to see her play the role of Barbara, the brainy, goofy gemologist. But when she turns villain in the second half of the movie, it’s hard to picture her as Wonder Woman’s new arch enemy.

Overall, I think Wonder Woman 1984 was trying to tackle too many genres and topics, but it was great to watch a new release blockbuster movie from the comfort of my home and it had some fun action scenes in it. Kofahl agreed that he enjoyed watching the movie with his family at home on HBO Max the week it came out, but would have preferred to see it on the big screen with surround sound.  

The release of Wonder Woman 1984 has peeked people’s interest in what HBO Max has to offer. Other than Wonder Woman 1984, HBO Max has the first Wonder Woman, Friends and The Big Bang Theory. Warner Bros. will also be debuting their 2021 films on HBO Max the same day they appear in theaters. 

If you want to experience Wonder Woman 1984 yourself, it will stream on HBO Max until January 24 and in select theaters even longer. After January 24, it is unknown if it will be kept online by Warner Bros.   

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