Overview of President Trump’s Term

Here, Junior Anya Fouts expresses her thoughts about Biden becoming the new president. She says “I just hope that Biden can bring the country back together, because we honestly need it.” 
Photo By: Anya Fouts

Author: Jasmine Alvarez

  Now that Donald Trump’s term has finally come to an end, many are left wondering what actions Biden will take to undo some of Trump’s executive orders. In 2016, when Trump was announced  president, he immediately took his rants, and started posting his opinions on Twitter, which no president had ever done before. Once Trump took office, he immediately put new orders and removed some of President Barack Obama’s and Vice President Joe Biden’s acts. For example, within a few hours, Trump signed an executive order that was aimed at reversing the Affordable Care Act. Throughout Trump’s campaign, he made it clear that he would do anything in his power to revoke Obama Care, and replace it. He  then called it an ¨economic burden.¨

   One of Donald Trump’s main focus throughout his campaign was building a wall on the U.S.and Mexico border. Though 452 miles of the wall has been built, Trump has put in many orders that Biden will have to undo. 

 I spoke to Junior Anya Fouts about this subject, and she said, ¨I think that Trump just did things that were not necessary. He put up a wall, that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, that honestly won’t work as well.¨ As I was speaking with Fouts, she expressed her opinions on Biden taking office, and she said, ¨I hope that Biden can and will fulfill the promises he made because Trump had all these promises for the last four years, and never made them happen.¨ 

Now that Biden will become president, many are hoping he will undo some of Trump’s acts. Some of the main acts he will eliminate are Border Security and Immigration Enforcement, DACA, Free Health Care, and expanding climate change research and funding. Hopefully the next four years of Biden’s term will bring the country back together, COVID will be taken more seriously and will be handled in a more controlled manner, and most importantly, for us to feel confident in our country.

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