How To Celebrate New Years Safely

Global pandemic equals no New Years celebrations. Unlike previous years, many will be watching the annual ball drop and celebrating New Years from home. Celebrations set in place in previous years could likely spread COVID-19 and so changes must be made to accommodate for these changing times. “At first I was a little bummed out that we couldn’t do any big celebrations this year, but then I realized everyone else is in the same boat so I just have to make it as fun as I possibly can from home,” said junior Khmyah Prak.
Infographic Created By: Alice Brookston on Canva

Article By: Tianna Cooke

With a record-breaking number of new COVID-19 cases in California, cities such as San Francisco have prompted another stay at home order until at least January 4th. The order is lifting just after New Years, a world-renowned holiday celebrated every year across the globe. Santa Rosa has now been ordered to stay home and it has been said that most of the Bay Area will have one coming mid-December.

Even if we don’t see a stay at home order here, it is important to celebrate New Years in a safe manner in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. Celebrating safely will help us get back to normal in order to ensure everyone is able to celebrate their New Years however they want to come next year. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been suggested by health officials that you keep your gatherings small and outside, as when you are outside, it’s not so compacted, leaving less room for the virus to linger and spread.

When it comes to celebrating New Years, it is suggested you do the same. In order to maintain a safe celebration, host a gathering with no more than ten people, outside, socially distanced, with masks on. Just because you are six feet apart does not mean you can take off your mask. It would be best to celebrate earlier, as with the coming winter temperatures are dropping at night. 

If gatherings aren’t for you, watching the ball drop on the television with your family is equally as much of a celebration, and by far the safest way to celebrate. Watching the ball drop on the television follows social distancing rules seeing as you are only around family, and you most likely have less than ten people. 

“I’m probably just going to stay home and watch the ball drop with my mom and my dogs,” said junior Khmyah Prak. “It’s the safest thing to do and we both really want things to get back to normal so we’re doing our part, as should everyone else,” Prak added. 

Although the pandemic has affected people in generally more negative ways than good, use it as an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and begin the New Year with loved ones.

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