Hobbies Students Picked Up During Quarantine

Student creates a start-up. These dainty butterfly earrings are junior Kelly Fleischer’s best seller, that come in many different colors and styles. Along with her butterfly earrings, styles such as chain, cherry, and stud earrings remain her best-sellers. “I think because butterflies are a trend right now and they’re so common among jewelry and clothing contributes to why they are my best seller,” said Fleischer. 
Photo By: Kelly Fleischer

Article By: Tianna Cooke

With the stay at home orders taking place, students at Santa Rosa High School have been quick to come up with solutions to occupy themselves safely, while still having fun. Many students have taken advantage of the extra time on their hands by applying for jobs. “I started babysitting for my next-door neighbor,” junior, Khmyah Prak, said. Prak also said that, “It was nice getting the extra money because then I was able to buy new clothes, and that’s always exciting getting them in the mail.”

Many students also applied for retail jobs, many of which entailed lengthy processes and multiple interviews. “I applied at Plato’s Closet,” said junior, Valeria Cervantes. “I had to do two interviews and one was through Zoom, the other in person and I ended up starting work the following Friday. It’s really easy and fun because I was allowed to finally get out of the house and have fun, but safely because we all wear masks and have our temperatures taken before we come in,” said Cervantes.

One student, Kelly Fleischer, even went as far as starting her own jewelry business, teaching herself how to make different styles and designs. “I thought of it because I wanted to make extra money and find something to do. I didn’t really think it would get much recognition because I just asked my friends if they would buy them, but then I made an Instagram account for it, and more people started to buy my jewelry,” Fleischer said.

Fleischer went on to say that when asking her friends what they would buy, the majority responded back with jewelry. This prompted her to buy a variety of items to make the jewelry with, and also asked not just her friends, but also her followers what they would like to see. “I think it’s important to ask the customers what they would buy or like to see, that way I can get an insight of what works and what doesn’t,” Fleischer said. “Once I started making a profit I was able to work on improving my business, I was able to buy more durable materials for my jewelry and eco-friendly packaging,” said Fleischer.“The goal is to expand nationwide,” she added. 

Without quarantine, all three students admitted that they most likely wouldn’t have taken on these new hobbies because before they could easily occupy themselves. Although quarantine put a lot of day-to-day things on hold, it opened up new windows for opportunities, hobbies, and responsibilities for many students at Santa Rosa High School. 

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