Transferring Schools During COVID-19

The COVID transfer. The two schools have worked together to the best of their abilities to help students transfer during the pandemic.  Helping students such as Roxanna Riscucci who transferred this year and Mia Farley who plans to transfer next year, navigate the transition. “They handle a lot of the process with your old school.”
Photos By: SOMO Construction and Santa Rosa High School

Article By: Evan Sacher

Transitioning between two schools is a very difficult and intricate process.  A process which is usually filled with month’s of planning , shadowing and applications, transferring to Santa Rosa High School has never been more difficult.  

COVID-19 has significantly affected nearly everyone in the world and has changed every aspect of our lives, flipping our reality upside down throughout 2020. As many students around school know, getting in touch with the administration and counseling(the two departments that help with transfers), can be at times nearly impossible with the large amounts of students needing their attention as well. With the global pandemic forcing our school into distance learning, their inboxes have been flooded and their days filled with other students causing a delay in certain departments.  This delay could cause transfers requests to take months longer than before to process paperwork and become a reality.

“I was planning on transferring to Santa Rosa at the beginning of this school year but when COVID started I had to stay at the school I’m at and wait it out,” Said Credo sophomore Mia Farley. “The biggest impact is that I’m staying a whole extra year because I didn’t want to make the transition.”

Unfortunately, even with the vaccine being days away from distribution, the effects and lockdowns of the pandemic could still be prevalent. This could potentially cause our student body to be in the distance learning format into the 2021-2022 school year and cause students in a similar situation to lose the ability to attend our beautiful and historic school. 

The effects of COVID-19 have not blocked all transfers this year though.  Sophomore Roxanna Riscucci was able to make the transfer during these difficult times.  “It was really hard,” Riscucci said earlier this month. “You meet with your counselor and they handle a lot of the transfer stuff with your school.” Transferring from Credo, Roxanna was able to transfer to the school despite the delay of our administration and counseling department due to COVID-19.  Hopefully, the break will allow the administration and counselors to enjoy much deserved rest from their hard work this semester.

With operation Warp Speed in full affect, the vaccine will hopefully be distributed much quicker than anticipated which will allow students more opportunities to transfer to SRHS.

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