Students Working During The Holidays

Tenjing Sherpa holds his baby nephew, Julian Alonzo. Tenjing and his mom visit him every week and baby sit him. Before Sherpa took this photo he was crying but Sherpa was able to cheer him up so he could take a photo with his nephew. 
Photo By: Tenjing Sherpa

Article By: Jaeden Callender

With Christmas coming up in the middle of a pandemic, one can only wonder what will happen and how people will cope during a time when families and friends usually get together. 

Of course, the best idea for all of us is to stay home to reduce the spread  of coronavirus over the time following Christmas. Not everyone is going to do this, however, we just have to make sure that if we do meet with our families that we are doing so safely. 

Tenjing Sherpa, a senior going into his last few months of high school, will spend his break working at two restaurants, “RailRoad Station Bar and Grill” and “Hamburger Ranch and BBQ”. I myself might find it a drag to have to work during winter break and not be able to take a break and stay home with my family but Tenjing Sherpa feels otherwise: “I’m actually looking forward to working during the break although I am a little worried about how we are going to operate during this confusing circumstance.” He makes a great point because no one has really ever experienced something like this in their life, at least no one alive has, so it is difficult to predict the outcome and strategies to maintain a business right now. 

“I think coronavirus is going to affect our businesses in many different ways because, for example, coronavirus is forcing people to stay outside while they eat but as the cold rolls in, I think many people will think twice about eating at restaurants,” says Sherpa. I agree with his prediction and while I miss going out to restaurants and I’m sure many others do too, I think maybe it is good and perhaps we will see a drop in the numbers if people are eating at home instead of in public areas. 

At the places Sherpa works at, he says they actually have a place outside that is heated and can seat about 30 people, so I think their customers will continue to come, however, it’s not the same for every restaurant. I hope to see that our local businesses can survive during this winter but also for the coronavirus numbers to drop so that we can get on with our old lives.

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