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How To Celebrate New Years Safely

Global pandemic equals no New Years celebrations. Unlike previous years, many will be watching the annual ball drop and celebrating New Years from home. Celebrations set in place in previous years could likely spread COVID-19 and so changes must be made to accommodate for these changing times. “At first I was a little bummed out that we couldn’t do any big celebrations this year, but then I realized everyone else is in the same boat so I just have to make it as fun as I possibly can from home,” said junior Khmyah Prak. Infographic

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Cancel Culture’s Toxic Climate

An ever growing culture has set in which has caused many to question where the internet is heading. The cancellation of people is being more and more relevant in today’s social climate which has exposed many people to harm and cyberbullying.Infographic Created By Alice Brookston on Canva Article By: Jerral Agbayani Cancel culture is both a modern blessing and a curse, seeing as it can shed light on critical and disturbing information on somebody that hadn’t been mainstream to the public yet through the use of widespread

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Hobbies Students Picked Up During Quarantine

Student creates a start-up. These dainty butterfly earrings are junior Kelly Fleischer’s best seller, that come in many different colors and styles. Along with her butterfly earrings, styles such as chain, cherry, and stud earrings remain her best-sellers. “I think because butterflies are a trend right now and they’re so common among jewelry and clothing contributes to why they are my best seller,” said Fleischer.

Photo By: Kelly Fleischer Article By: Tianna Cooke With the stay at home orders taking place,

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President-Elect Joe Biden’s Plans For Addressing COVID-19

Here is a photo of Mackenzie Euckland’s house where she displayed her support for Biden. She said, ¨I really hope that they make a difference because we need a change.¨ Euckland truly believes that our new president and vice president will be the change we need for our country to come back together. Photo By: Mackenzie Euckand Article By: Jasmine Alvarez During Joe Biden's Presidential campaign, he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris had very clear plans for tackling the pandemic upon entering office. As of December 2020,

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SRHS Holiday Tree Decorating Event

Article By: Zoe Kowalczyk On December 2nd, Freshman Vice President, Annika Sotak, asked if the Journalism class wanted to participate in a tree decorating event with the rest of the clubs at school. After emailing the Journalism advisor, Casey Elsa, the class got the confirmation that they would have their very own tree in the event after she posted the details on her Google Classroom. During the event, each club decorated their own mini holiday tree in the front of the school; everyone wore a mask and took all required safety

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SRHS Sports’ Practices Being Cancelled

Masked Running. One section of the Santa Rosa High School Cross Country eagerly waits to begin their socially distanced training run. With a team of over 60 athletes, Coach Carrie Joseph divided the team to practice safely and distanced.

With COVID-19 concerns abundant in our current social climate, all athletes were screened prior to joining practice. “It has alway been my escape,” Freshman Cadel Sacher (In red jersey on right side of photo) comments. “It will be tough having to miss practicing with such a great group

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Why Representation In Media Matters

For years, representation of minorities has been executed unsuccessfully, and sometimes does more harm than good. Thankfully with characters like Miles Morales’ Spider-Man and T’challa’s Black Panther, things are starting to look hopeful for minority groups who look to the big screen to see themselves represented.  Article & Photo By: Emmanuel Vallarta With the current state of our world, representation of minorities in our media, such as people of color, disabled people, and LGBTQ+ people, is important. For decades,

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SRHS New ArtQuest Counselor, Evan Englar

Welcome to Santa Rosa High School Mr. Englar. Englar is the new ArtQuest counselor at SRHS. Before coming to work here he worked at Ukiah High School as a counselor. In his freetime; Englar enjoys mountain biking because, “You see things you wouldn't normally see on foot.”

Photo Provided By: Evan Englar Article By: Maddie Sanabria When the 2020-2021 school year began, a new ArtQuest counselor, Mr. Englar was hired. He grew up in Santa Rosa, where he went to El Molino High School.

Before joining the

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Transferring Schools During COVID-19

The COVID transfer. The two schools have worked together to the best of their abilities to help students transfer during the pandemic.

Helping students such as Roxanna Riscucci who transferred this year and Mia Farley who plans to transfer next year, navigate the transition. “They handle a lot of the process with your old school.” Photos By: SOMO Construction and Santa Rosa High School Article By: Evan Sacher Transitioning between two schools is a very difficult and intricate process.

A process which

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Shows To Check Out Before They Leave Netflix This Month

There are about 167.1 million people who use Netflix in the entire world. That is a lot of people. Netflix is one of the most popular apps for streaming movies and television shows. Abby Mills, a freshman at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa wrote, “I think it [Netflix] is great because there are so many different options.” She is certainly not the only person who feels that way.

Article & Photo By: Tatiana Newman Isn’t December wonderful? The cool crisp air, the warmth inside, delicious foods and

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