SRHS Students Take Advantage Of SRJC Classes

Bernard C. Plover Hall, the admissions and records office of SRJC. Their office oversees applying dual enrollment students. High School students trying to take a class at the SRJC will likely visit this building at least once in their application process. 
Photo By: Tara Elsa

Article By: Conor Grace

As schools shift to online-based learning, many high school students have been taking advantage of Santa Rosa Junior College classes as they have gone online as well. There have been dual enrollment students at SRHS for many years.

There are a variety of reasons why high school students take SRJC classes. Many high schoolers take SRJC classes to get credits from their high school. SRJC classes last a semester, and the credits earned for a passing grade amount to that of a two semester class at the high school. Students may take SRJC classes to gain credits needed for high school graduation, or for learning applicable after high school graduation. 

“Classes at the JC are helpful for getting high school credits and for fun. The JC offers a wider variety of classes than Santa Rosa High School, and they’re all extremely helpful for graduating or learning new skills.” says Riley Zander, a sophomore at SRHS who told me why she thinks High School students are taking JC classes.

Some important things for any high school students wanting to take a class at the SRJC to  remember are that all dual enrollment students have to apply to SRJC each semester. Once a student has applied, the next step is to make sure they fulfilled English and math placement requirements if needed. You can check your placement results in your student portal.

Then, fill out the electronic dual enrollment form, which is then routed to your high school for approval. If you intend to take a SRJC class in the Spring semester, it is important to note that December 11th is the date that dual enrolled students can enroll in classes for the upcoming semester. 

A SRHS alumni and SRJC alumni, Caitlin Grace. Caitlin Grace wishes that she had taken more classes at SRJC, as “they assist in making the college process smoother, and fill requirements at many schools” she considers SRJC classes an easy way to prepare for college and make it through high school graduation requirements.

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