Online Testing Procedures

Everything is online nowadays. This now includes the SATs and ACTs for testing. The photo is what came up when I searched SATs online ; a bunch of online testing websites for these kinds of tests. “ Shifting to online has been something that has been challenging us all.” said Mr.Kowalczyk. This means we must continue to learn and grow through the challenge. 
Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk

Article & Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk

Online classes have brought  obvious changes in everyday learning. New apps to use, new ways to turn in work, and new ways for teachers to get in touch with all their new and returning students. New and innovative solutions have been found to work to keep school relatively “normal”, yet one hurdle has brought uncertainty not only in the U.S, but in our own district. This hurdle is Online Test Taking. 

With everyday tests that may take place in your math  or Spanish class, teachers and staff have found ways to get the students working on these tests without little difficulties. As for tests such as the AP testing and ACTs, online modifications aren’t as easy as initially anticipated.  ¨For instance, AP testing was all online and significantly different.¨ an email from Ms.Elsa writes. After a bit of surfing, I found a video showing the walkthrough of an online AP test and it has come with a lot of big changes as expected. You can submit your work 3 different ways, the time is right there in front of you of how long you have to complete each question, and you’re now in the comfort of your own home.

AP classes have managed to stay online and easy to manage, despite the modifications of the original test, but other tests such as the ACTs or SATs, have been completely cancelled. Many University’s like the University of California, Cornell University, and multiple other Universities across the country are making their SATs and ACTs optional, or taking them off completely. On the Junior College website, you can find their recently updated information on how to apply through their website, and see for yourself how the application processing is changing. 

Whether you were planning to go to college out of state, or go to the JC, application and online testing processing has changed considerably. By doing a quick search online you can still find ways to take these tests and still get the credit you deserve. We will adapt to the changes and continue to push harder to strive for the best education we can get, even when it´s online.

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