Santa Rosa High School Virtual Dance Reviw

Dancing Through The Screen. DJ Dustin throws out some jams for everyone who attended the first ever Santa Rosa High School virtual dance due to COVID-19. While some students liked the dance how it was, some wished they could’ve seen the other people who attended the dance. ¨My girlfriend and sister, both of whom are panthers, joined to watch the dance on the TV,¨ said senior Nikolai Gurtovoy.
Photo By: Tara Elsa

Article By: Leilah Sterck

This year, Santa Rosa High School held its first virtual dance. Due to COVID-19, the school is unfortunately unable to resume in-person classes which means no in-person activities such as dances. That is why this year SRHS had a virtual dance to make up for it. The dance took place via a Zoom webinar and every SRHS student was welcomed and encouraged to join. The Zoom took place on September 25, and a lot of people participated. DJ Dustin, from Dax Entertainment, played music for all of the participants to dance and listen to. People joined the webinar and listened to the music while they had their own dance parties with their friends or family at home. ¨We watched [the dance] on our big tv with [surround] sound and blasted the music for the whole neighborhood,¨ said senior Nikolai Gurtovoy.

Since this was the first virtual dance at SRHS, nobody knew what to expect. Many people thought the idea was awkward and weird at first but ended up having fun once they got more comfortable. ¨The dance was a fun joke. It was hard to take seriously, but fun nonetheless,¨ said Gurtovoy. This was definitely a new experience that people needed to get warmed up to in order to feel comfortable. While students weren’t able to see each other during the dance, they were able to see DJ Dustin in front of a photo of Santa Rosa High School and in front of a Dutch Bros background. 

¨Regular dances are hotter and louder and crazier,¨ said Gurtovoy. Many students were able to get together with family or socially distanced with their friends to make the night enjoyable.

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